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05-02 10:20
my beloved miniature yorkie died this Tuesday aged 19.. I'm in distress.. she died from a stroke.. I took her home from the vets as I wanted her to die at home.. she died in my arms in her own house.. the last few hours of her life were traumatic she was crying like a baby and I feel like she was terrified and didn't know I was there 😭😭 was she in pain did she know I was with her even though she was confused 😭😭😭 the vet said she may have pulled through but I didn't have the money to do it and he said she would probably die.. I read on the internet they can survive.. and it's caused by a blood clot or parasites in their blood.. she had a funny turn a few months and couldn't drink properly..  her eye was red but it went away.. now I think back she was itching her eye what if she had parasites and that caused her stroke and I didn't prevent it!!! what if I had the money would she have survived??? she was my Baby and my world and I am in pain beyond belief.. I just want someone to tell me it wasn't my fault 😢😭
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