IMG_0585-1.jpg  On Sunday afternoon, my beautiful cat, Henry passed away suddenly. He was just fine that morning and was cuddling us and playing with us. We got home from grocery shopping and just as I was putting away the groceries, he jumped up on to a trunk we have and all of the sudden went into a seizure. It lasted maybe 30 seconds, and then he was gone.

I didn't have any idea what happened. It was just so sudden. He seemed completely healthy, and hadn't shown any signs of anything being wrong.

I miss him so much. He got me through the roughest part of my life so far. He came to me just after I started college, when I was having a really hard time adjusting to not living at home, as I'm very close to my family. As I worked through my extreme anxiety and depression, he was always there to cuddle with me and show his quirky mannerisms that always made me laugh and smile.

He always new when I was upset or not feeling well, and he would come sit with me and purr and rub his head against me to get me to feel better. When I tried to move out of my parents' house again last year, he was the only one I had. I was at least never completely alone because I still had Henry.

When I met my boyfriend, Henry helped break the ice, and made it so I wasn't so nervous to talk to him. He brought my boyfriend out of his shell, and gave both of us happiness as we played and laughed and cuddled with him.

We work opposite schedules, so when I was at work, my boyfriend had someone to cuddle with, and when he was at work, I was never alone.

Emotionally, I've felt the best I have in years lately. I've felt positive about my future moving forward, but then Henry had to die. It hurts so much.

I can't help but think that maybe he was brought into my life to get me through that difficult transitional period. He was always there for me, and then he was there for my boyfriend when he needed him. I'm hoping that his passing just means that my life is finally back on track, and that he knew that I no longer needed him to get through since I found a more permanent support system.

This is a new step forward in my life, and I just hope he's happy up there wherever he is. Running around in the sun, letting the wind blow through his beautiful long hair like he always liked. Catching birds. He was just the most amazing cat a girl could ever have. I miss him so much.
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I am so sorry for your loss of Henry, he sounds an amazing friend to you - being there through all your ups and downs. Animals really tune into our senses, so as you say, maybe Henry really did know your life has moved onto a better track, and that he knew he could leave for his journey over the Bridge.  I`d imagine he`s having a lovely time, running around in the sun, playing with all the other animals from this forum. 
 It`s so hard when they do leave us, and it takes time coming to terms with them not being around us anymore, Henry knows how much loved he was, just as he loved you and your boyfriend - and I think he helped bring the two of you together.   
                                                 Sending you hugs, Jackie
J Taylor
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I'm so sorry about your loss.  Cats make amazing companions.  My Delenn sounds just like your Henry.  You've come to the right place though.  Come back often and tell us all as much about Henry as you like.  Sharing stories of one's life is one of the best tributes you can do.

God bless.
Stephen "Riceman" Myers
"The greatest tribute one can give a loved one is to share their life and stories with others."

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I am so sorry to hear about your loss.  I have had both kitties and dogs and they each have their own special ways.  Nothing can make you feel better than a fur baby.

At least your baby didn't suffer and that is no small thing.  My Molly went fast too with a stroke and sounds like maybe that is what happened to your Henry.

I am sure Molly was there to show Henry around because she was raised by our old lady cat, so she got along well with kitties.  Take care of yourself.
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Hugs. Lost my Mona Girl last year. I don't think it's our time, but their time. My little girl was sickly with heart and dental problems.
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So sorry you lost your Henry so suddenly. What a wonderful friend! You were truly blessed he chose to be with you thru so much. I like to think, that my Katie was sent to me by the angels in heaven and now had to go home ..... It just seems so magical to have this once in lifetime connection with a cat or dog. We are truly blessed. Everyone here....

You might like the song "How blessed I am" from Casey & Mary and Friends , somebody put it out there on You Tube. It is beautiful.
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