Two months ago yesterday I lost Nico. I have read some people get signs from the pup who has passed. To date, I have gotten nothing. But tonight Nico's dog sibling was at my side whining for a treat. I started saying " cut it out Ni" and realized I almost said the wrong name. That can't be a sign, can it? I have a little girl pup named Valentina who I sometimes call "Ni" but I never mistake her crying, begging, or reverse sneeze and begin to call her Nico. Anyone have an experience like that or am I continuing to spiral down?
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I lost my precious Cody dog a little over a month ago, on January 11th, and so far haven't had a sign or a dream or anything.  I have another pet, who is a guinea pig,  and I started calling him good boy by accident which is what I used to say to my dog, but I think it just may be force of habit.
Julie 💔
"Grief only exists where love lived first."
--Franchesca Cox
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I too lost my baby and find myself calling out her name almost daily. Sometimes I catch myself, other times not. The house gets quiet then and her little sisters disappear. I long to see her in my dreams, but I haven't. I hope LaGata is just having too much fun and napping in the sunshine to think about me
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