Hello there, don't really know what to do, but ill just explain what happened.

When I was 7, I got a cat named Sams, eventhough I never really considered him a typical cat, for me it was just always my best friend. I was his favorite person and he was mine.
I knew it would be hard for him, when I moved out of the house to go to university, I thought about taking him with me, but it would have only made him sad to loose his territory and the rest of his family (my mom, dad and dog), so me and my family decided it would be best if I go without him and just come back home every couple weeks.
When I started packing all my boxes, he was already weird, either being gone for days, or sticking around me like crazy. There was also a time when he didnt eat much, but that time was over, even before I left.
So I moved out, and for about one or two weeks it was fine, my parents told him I would be back in a couple weeks and he excepted that. But then about the third week he stopped eating (not entirely, but most of the time). Everytime I came home, he ate mostly normal again. And when I left, he was missing me for a couple days, not eating and peeing into the house (even into his litterbox, which he hadnt done in years - I knew this wasnt a good sign) but then later during the week he started eating again. After a couple times of coming back home, he was really weak and stopped going outside, there were ups and downs with his health (for 12 years he was a very healthy kitty), and my mom was trying everything to get him to gain weight. He started eating again (fairly normal) after he understood the frequency in which i came home.
The last time I saw him, really scared me. He didnt come rushing towards me, like he usually did, and just slept on a chair, I kept calling his name and saying im back, but he only opened his eyes a bit and fell back asleep. He didnt even recognize me. Even after I had been home a couple days, he still didnt seem to know I was there.
After it was time for me to leave again, I couldnt wait until christmas break, when I would have 2 weeks to spend with my family. My mom said I could pamper him back to health in that time, so I was really excited.
But that never happened, because a couple days after I had gone to university again, I called my mom like everyday, but this time asking : "I am scared to ask, but how is Sams doing?" , she told me he had passed away the night before. My dad said he went outside one last time, wondering around for a couple hours, and then came home again, to die.

Eventhough he was eating again, the weak shape he was in must have made him vulnerable to sickness, which must have been to hard on his weak body to cope with. Actually its surprising how long he survived on his hunger-strike.

Well, this was now about 3 months ago (he died 7.12.17), but I still feel horrible (at first it was of guilt), now it is just the fact that I miss him so much, and just want my best friend back, I was looking forward to seeing him everytime, and now when I come home to my parents, he's just not there, and I just wait for him to scratch on the door, jump in bed with me or something like that.
The biggest joy in my life is gone ...

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Dear Juji,

I am so sorry for the loss of your precious Sams, it is never easy to lose such a valued and loved part of our family, especially one who has been there for you like your Sams was, you two grew up together, the emptiness left behind by his having to leave is the hardest part.

If you feel up to it, maybe you could share a photo of Sams and maybe a favorite story or memory of him, of course I completely understand if you aren't feeling up to it at this moment, no rush, when ever you are ready.

I am so sorry for your loss, may the love and light that is your Sams always fill your heart with such warmth, bringing with his love, the peace and healing you so deserve.

Sincerely, Don & Vera

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Thank you for your nice reply, and your idea,

I would like to share a photo and one or two favorite stories about him, eventhough there are so many.

2017-09-02 17.06.56-1.jpg 

So this is just the first story about him, which sticks in my mind like glue, and makes me cry everytime I think about it, just because that was his first day with us:
We brought him home, once he was old enough to be separated from his mom, and I carried him in my arms showing him all of the rooms in the house, I put him down onto the rug in my room and left for just a second. When I came back, he had jumped onto my bed and peed on it, and that was such a random spot to pee on, that we just decided he was marking my bed as his territory 😉
Another story is about how he made others happy, not just our family. When I went out for walks with our dog, it was literally impossible to go without Sams following us. Which could be pretty complicated when I was just going to the shops and was afraid that he might cross the street with lots of traffic, but he usually knew I was coming back, so he waited on the other side, and then followed along again, once I was back. But people thought it was so funny, that I was walking my dog and my cat at the same time. Some even asked me if I had a leash on my cat 😃

The next story is about how he gave freedom to our guinea pigs : Sams loved to stick his paw into the guineapig stall and swat at them, when they were out on the grass, so we thought it would be dangerous, for us to give them a big open cage, because sams might jump into the cage and hurt them, so we had to stick with a small one, when they were outside. One morning though, we noticed that somebody had left the door on the stall open, and one of the guinea pigs had jumped out. Luckily though, it was close by, eating grass. And the funniest thing about that was Sams, he was laying about half a foot away, chilling around, watching the guinea pig, almost falling asleep while doing so. So after that, we decided they could live in a bigger cage without a top part. After that Sams still stuck his paw into the stalls, but he never jumped in.

One more funny thing he did when he was younger, and I picked him up was : he instantly streched out as far as he could in my arms with all paws reaching out, so I couldnt fit through any doors, and had to walk sideways to get through. 😃
Sorry, that was a couple stories more than expected, but it was nice remembering all that and writing it down.
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I love the picture, such a beautiful cat. The stories are great! I love them all, and the one about following you on your dog walk brought back so many memories to me. My two cats did the same thing whenever I took my two dogs to the park across the street. I'm sure it was odd looking to my neighbors, two dogs on leash, two cats following behind, I loved it. Sams sounds like a real character, I absolutely loved the story about the guinea pigs, that had to have been a wonderful sight to see him chilling laying beside the guinea pigs. When I lost my fur angels, I wrote down as many stories and little memories I could in a journal, it really helped me remember all the good times and later, if my memory fades, I will have them to read again, it's a good idea. Blessings to you and for all the love and care you gave Sams, he will live in your heart and soul forever, until we are reunited again. Thank you for sharing some stories and a picture, post as many as you would like, they are precious to you and we would love to see more. Blessings.
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