My best friend in the world is dying. Ripley’s Cancer came out of nowhere. From a joyful pup to lethargic dog without an appetite 2 days! We are doing what we can to keep a good quality of life for him, but he’s sad.  My heart breaks over and over every time I pet him. The time is coming where that decision will have to be made. I can’t fathom a world without my good boy.  He’s the greatest dog ever and doesn’t deserve this fate.  I’m lost already and hurt so badly. I never knew pain and sorrow like this.  😢
Todd L
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Todd, I’m sorry you are going through this sad time with Ripley.  I wish I knew what causes so may of our dogs to get cancer as my lab passed away recently from lung cancer.  It’s even harder when they are so young.  I couldn’t image life without my baby girl either and it hurt so much to have to let her go. You are doing the right thing by focusing on the quality of your boy’s life.  I know I felt so helpless and what makes it even harder is that they are so sweet and innocent, like you said they don’t deserve this fate.   Treasure every moment you have with Ripley.  With heavy heart, Mel
M Moore
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Dear Todd, I'm so sorry.  That is so young and not fair.  It's hard enough losing a dog but at such a young age is beyond words. I don't understand it either.  There is a forum dedicated to cancer on this site if you haven't seen already, that may also be of some help to you.  Sending big hugs and comfort to you and your special boy. ❤️
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Take a look at this website and see if it interests you. They might be able to help.

Their Isopet pet cancer treatment is working wonders.  Check out thier Twitter and Facebook.
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So sorry to hear this. Have you considered seeing a vet oncologist? From what I understand, dogs respond very well to chemo and it doesn't impact them the same way it does people. In many cases, dogs with lymphoma can experience full remission of the cancer for a period of time. Chemo is expensive, probably about $300 / week for about 6 weeks. There are also less expensive treatments that involve a pill that shrinks the tumor and prednisolone which can help as it has anti-cancer properties. If chemo is successful, you can expect many months of quality life (with some much longer than that). My cat died of lymphoma and unfortunately did not respond well to the chemo. He was 16 however. I hope this helps, and again so very sorry.
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So sorry for what you are going through. The Veterinary Specialty Center where I took my dog for 4 years tells everyone that one of the leading causes of cancer they see in dogs, especially lymphoma and nasal/ oral cancers is caused by exposure to yards and lawns treated with chemicals for weeds and other mixtures of fertilizers containing various chemicals. Most dog parks have been treated too. If you notice when you are at one and there's no weeds around, it probably has been treated.
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