I lost my love of twelve years on December 30th. I have never loved anything so passionately as I did my Molly and I am having an incredibly difficult time coping with the loss. I am having trouble with normal, everyday functions and will go into a room and forget why I am in there. I feel lost
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I am so sorry for your loss- I lost my Mollie in November- like your Molly, she was my love, my joy and my soulmate and I was inconsolable and devastated.

I know that it will be difficult to understand at this point, but the grief and disorientation that you are going through right now is normal- I couldn't concentrate on the most basic things, forgot what I was doing at work (frequently) and was reduced to tears several times a day. I walked around in a daze for weeks.

Two months later, I am still missing her like crazy, but the sting of my loss is not quite as overwhelming as it once was. I am slowly becoming able to think of the love we shared and the fun we had with joy, and not sadness- others here have told me to honour her memory with happiness, not with tears- and their advice seems to help.

Trust me when I say that things will slowly become easier to deal with and you will slowly be able to think clearly- I had to take things one minute at a time- just little steps, in order to manage. Speaking here with others who have been there is a great relief and their advice will certainly help you though this- their support helped me when I had no where else to turn.

You and Molly are in my prayers tonight,


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I am so sorry about your loss.  I lost my 13 yrs old dog last Saturday, Jan. 2nd.  Her name was Blossom, a dalmatian.  It is perfectly normal to feel this way, and the important thing is to admit your feelings.  Every one is different, but you'll see that slowly you will  be healing.  There are tons of articles on the internet that will help you understand how you feel and to cope.  Our pets were our family, our best friends and our babies.  It is like loosing a close relative, and a lot of people do not understand this. 

It has helped me a lot to talk about it thru chats or forums.  It has helped me release those emotions that are deep inside.  I didn't want to, but I looked for pictures of her and I've been concentrating on those beautiful memories instead of the moment she passed.  I didn't want either to throw away her stuff that was around the yard, not because I wanted to get rid of her stuff, but as a way to accept that she is not coming back, only on the memories we had together.  It hurts but it helped me to grieve.  Try to work at your own pace.  Don't rush. 

Once I get her ashes, I am planning to prepare a memorial garden.  I  know it will help me more. The idea is not to fall in a deep depression, I've been thru that and I don't want to fall again.  So, I am helping myself to heal. 

Get some flowers and light a candle on her honor.  Get those emotions out and give you the right to feel this way.

Love, light and blessings.
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I thought it was just me.  My husband and I had to 'let go' (I can't say the other words) of my beloved Babe last Saturday 1/2/10.  She was almost 14 (bday 1/13) and had been going down slowly.  We realized how much pain she was in on NYE and made the decision.  

She was our girl, a beautiful German Shepard / Collie we adopted a year after we got married. She was so protective of me.   She saved my life right after we adopted her.  She was always there to cuddle and comfort me in the sad times: when 9/11 happened and I sat in front of the tv crying at the images; when her 'daddy' was in the hospital after an emergency appendectomy on Thanksgiving and I was all alone.  She was there with us through all the goodtimes too, like when we finally got our first house or as I call it, a yard for her and her sister they let us put a house on.  

I am so lost right now. Right now I just want to crawl under the covers and hide. 

We are having her cremated.  My husband wants to take a few pictures, her hero award & her dog tag to be framed to put with the urn. 

I just want the pain and tears to stop.

 ~ Babe's mommy in Tennessee
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I lost my little girl, Sophia a black and tan mini dauchand on Jan 1st.

She was 16 years old.  She died in my arms of heart failure.  The pain is unbearble.  I am sorry for your loss.  I to am absent minded.  I just go through motions of the day.  Someone please tell me when it gets better.  He bowl and placemat are still out.  I do not know what to do...
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I understand all too well how you are all feeling and wonder the same thing, when will the pain and lonliness go away? When will I function again and be happy about simple things in life again and not just go thru the motions? I lost my best friend, a 2 year old pointer mix rescue from TN -to a car accident on 12/14.  I can't work thru the grief, it's overwhelming me. I saw him die a few minutes after the accident and that's the image I have when I wake up every single night -my friend says it's probably post traumatic stress.  I can't sleep, focus or feel happy. I have 3 kids, husband, job, friends, family and another dog, but can't seem to think of anything else but missing Winston. I do think time will heal and we will all shift our grief to positive happy memories, but for now, we have to live like this -in constant pain and sadness, most people do not understand it, it's nice to have the support here at RB. It helps to talk about it.  I just want him back so much, my heart cannot accept what my brain is asking me to.  I also believe if I didn't love him so deeply, I would not be greiving so deeply, it's the price we pay for the gift of having these precious animals in our lives for 2 years or 14 years, it's a gift. take care, everyone.  I plan on adopting again in a few months when I feel emotionally ready. I do admit, when I lost my 1st dog in 2002, 3 months later I adopted a dog (my current dog - 8 year old, Sadie) it helped me tremendously to heal and move on.
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