I am having a really rough day missing Sasha today.  It has been almost 5 weeks and my heart hurts so badly.  I look at her pictures and she was so beautiful and happy all the time.  Everyone who saw us commented on her beauty and how they could tell she loved me very much.  I want her to be happy and feel like a young pup and have fun at the rainbow bridge.  Do you think she ever thinks about me?  I am at work just trying not to let anyone catch me crying.  Besides, I know it makes Sasha sad.  She was the best thing that ever happened to me.  She was the best purest form of love I ever experienced.  I know that it is my "job" to keep moving on, living, handling my affairs responsibly, enjoy the humans in my life, but, sometimes it is so hard.

I thought I would try to do good and rescue a husky, not to replace her, but, to honor her.  Having signed up, I realize I am going through quite the vetting process by the rescuer....which I agree with as those babies deserve the best they can get.  Even though my husky lived a long happy 13 years with me, I am not sure that I will be approved to have a husky.  Those dogs speak to something in my soul, and I apologize if I am wrong to only want husky babies.

People are skyping and pinging me at work, so I better pull myself together.  I just needed to take a few minutes to focus on my love for Sasha and huskies.

Take care all.
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I hope today is a little better for you than yesterday.  Yesterday was 4 weeks since I lost my sweet Ally and my heart is broken too.  It seems like every day since she has passed I will have moments where it suddenly hits me and I start to cry.  It feels like my emotions are on a roller coaster.  Finding this forum has really helped and while I hate that others are feeling the same sort of pain that I am, it helps to know that there are people out there who really understand.  Moving on as we are supposed to do and enjoying life just doesn't seem like a possibility right now, but I know in time it will for all of us going through this.

I think it's really nice that you connect so well with the huskies and even nicer that you are going to rescue one who needs a home.  I'm sure that would make Sasha happy.

I wonder the same thing - does Ally ever think of me and does she see me and know how much I miss her?  Surely they do.  They are so full of unconditional love for us that their souls have to still be connected to us just as we are to them.  I told someone else on the forum yesterday whose dog had also passed in the last few weeks that maybe our dogs were at the Rainbow Bridge and had found each other and were playing and having fun.  I bet Sasha is with them too.

Ally's Mom
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I think YES,  your baby thinks of you and misses you, and still loves you.
No,  I do not think there is anything wrong in wanting only Huskies:  You have bonded with the breed.
But I DO hope you will get one!  Having loved one for so long,  how can they think you be anything but good for a husky?
I understand the vetting process,  but I also hear some of the rescues can be a bit over the top and counter-productive with it.
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They know.

They know all that is in our hearts.

They love us as we Love them.


We hurt and miss them so because we Love them so.

We all understand.

Many of us are drawn to one breed or another.

I love my babies and I know they were meant to be mine - however I am not
sure I would have picked them out so they made sure that their Mama picked me
out before they were born and 11 months before my Bear left me.

Things happen for a reason - strange sometimes but in the end - true.

My love to both of you.

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