I am struggling today. It has been one week to the hour that Jayda passed away. I came home from work, and no Jayda to walk. It is very hard not having the routines we did with her. Everyday, there seems to be a new memory which my wife and I struggle with. We miss her so very much. I just needed to write this to help with the grieving. Are there any suggestions[ in as weeks go by and memories continue to flow in at certain times] on ways to deal with this void feeling?
Thanks everyone for listening. This Pet Forum is such a Blessing in dealing with our loss.
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I feel your grief. It's been 2 weeks today since I lost my best friend Daisy Mae. Like you the routines that we had each day are the hardest part to deal with. The quiet and loneliness are heart breaking. I miss her more and more each day. We were together for many years and losing that love and companionship is devastating. I wish I could give you some suggestions but the words you wrote I could have written myself.
This forum is the best place I found for help. Everyone here knows our pain and grief. Keep coming back and together we can all help each other. I for one have met some wonderful people on here who have offered comfort and love.
You and Jayda will be in my thoughts today. God bless!

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I feel your pain and i am so glad to have found this site.Already people are being so nice to me and understand me. I dont know how il ever get over this but il keep coming back here.
It has hit me like a ton of bricks and i have never ever felt as low.

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Hi Tom,
    Yes, I agree every day is hard. Each "mark", even worse....... I seem to always look at the clock on Monday nights (Chili passed on a Monday) and say to myself, "We were doing this at ____ time, we only had ____ amount of time left together......"

The week mark was terrible, and the month mark, and so on. I wish you didn't know what I mean, but I know you do......

Just as David said, this forum, to me, has been so helpful. Chili passed on April 29 of this year, but I didn't find this site until recently. Talking to other people who truly are going through the same loss and grief has helped so, so much. It's the first time in over six months that I've felt others really understood the depths of my grief.

I know you will probably cry every time you read/post. You may feel exhausted when your done, even, but expressing your grief and hearing that others "get it" does help. I hope you will come back. I hope that you feel the support from these wonderful people that I've felt.....

Also, I've spent a lot of time making photo albums, memorial sites, writing poems, putting flowers on Chili's grave and lighting candles in her memory.  I find some comfort in doing these things as a symbol of how special she was and how much meaning her life held.

Tom, I'm thinking of you. I know there isn't anything that will take away your pain and grief, but please try to remember you are not alone. I am sending thoughts for comfort and peace to you.

Lauren (LG)

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