I hope that I'm doing this right, we took our cat, he's only 6 to the vet's yesterday as he was having trouble breathing and didn't seem to be himself.  When the Vet examined him she said that things didn't sound right.  

We left him at the Vet's and they x-rayed him - there's a large mass pressing on his diaphragm, as well as fluid on his lungs. They put him on some medication to try and reduce the fluid but this morning it seemed to have had no effect.  The vet did offer to try and remove the tumour, but she said that it would only give him a month at best - and there was only a slim chance he'd survive surgery.  She said that she thought he was suffering and that treatment wouldn't relieve any of that.

Reluctantly we have had to agree that it wouldn't be in Felix's best interests to prolong treatment.  I half-believe in the Rainbow Bridge but I just feel that Felix will hate both of us for putting him to sleep instead of trying to save him.  My husband says that he'll bury him under his favourite tree.
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I am so sorry for what you are going through. This must have been a terrible shock. I'm sending you my kindest thoughts and wishes.

We made the heart-breaking decision to euthanise our beautiful 11 year old cat Muffin four days ago. She had cancer, and her condition deteriorated suddenly. She was struggling to breathe and the vets didn't think she would make it through the night. 

It is torture. Even though I know intellectually that I did the right thing for her, I have been haunted by guilt. The best advice I've seen on these forums are that you are taking on pain so that he doesn't have to. It's an act of great kindness. You are doing the right thing.

I am a woman of science and had never even heard of rainbow bridge a few months ago. But in my grief I have sensed things that I didn't before and I now believe that she is still here and I will see her again someday. 

I wish you peace and strength in the coming days.
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anchoret, i am so sorry to read of your loved felix and how so young!  i suppose it may be a bit easier if they are with us for a long well-lived life than it is for us to lose them so young.  in the long run i think it stinks either way though to lose the one love in our lives that just seems to make crappy days ok and good days great.  i had the emergency vet who treated my service dog roxie clip two parts of her long beautiful hair for me to keep and preserve so that might be a thought for you too as well as a clay paw print as a memory.  please know that Felix's spirit will always be with you and i'm sure he will make himself known to you.  what you offer to felix today is the greatest gift of love that any of us can offer to our loved friends, the freedom to cross the bridge to where he is younger, healthy and where he will wait for you.  from someone who now has to live 24/7 with severe chronic pain (along with all the other wonderful neurological issues coming from a failed spinal surgery), i can assure you that felix will forever thank you for the wonderful years of safety and love you gave to him but mostly for this last selfless act you do for his benefit.  we're all here for you hon and many many hugs to you today and the days to come.
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I don't think it is easier if they are young or old.  My Molly was 14 and I knew what was coming but there is no way to be prepared for that final day.

You did the right thing and in your heart you know that, it is our heads that get us into trouble.  I wish I could find a way to reassure you that you will see your Felix again  Not sure what your beliefs are but there is a book I am going through with someone else on this forum called "Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates" that is helping us and maybe it might help you too.

There will always be someone here to chat with you and we do our best to comfort each other.  It is hard no matter how we lose them.  They just wind themselves around our hearts so tightly and it is so hard to let them go.
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I am so sorry for your loss.  Even though it is difficult, you would not have wanted your little one to suffer.  We have to put their needs over our own.  If our love could keep them safe and healthy, they would never leave us.  If it would be about us, we would keep them forever.  But the decision has to be what is best for them.  Keeping him another month would have been best for you, but painful for Felix.  I'm sure you would not have wanted him to suffer.

Nine weeks ago I lost my three-year-old kitty, Bella.  So I feel your pain for having lost your little one too soon.  If love could have kept Bella alive, she would never have died.  I miss her every moment of the day and wish she would still be with me.  Another life too short.

Keep your memories of Felix close to your heart and he will always be with you.  He'll be keeping watch over you from his favorite tree.

I wish you all the best and peace as you deal with the loss.  Please know you have friends on this site that can help you deal with your grief.

Bella's mom


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Thanks for all your support.  Sometimes I feel just about okay, and then something will start me crying again.  I would like to have another cat, but worry that Felix's spirit will hate me for bringing another moggy into the home.

I know we made the right decision in my head - but it hurts so much.  I sincerely hope that the guilt and pain ease.
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Our cat Smudge had to be put down wednesday. He was 14....developed acute kidney failure. The vet came to the house, i laid on the bed with smudge....our vet was so good and gentle...smudge never felt anything and drifted off with me cuddling him.
I feel so sad....i know we did the right thing...but it doesn't make it any easier. I look for him, i wait for him to jump on the counter asking for milk, i wait for him to head bonk me in the middle of the night to come under the heart is broken.
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Hi anchoret. You have friends and sympathetic ears here. Our stories are similar. We put our beautiful 6 year old girl down one month ago today. The 8th of the month will never be the same. She had a low red blood cell count for months, fluid was in her stomach and pushing into her lungs and causing breathing problems. We had similar diagnosis. Fixes would only be temporary and her pain would not be changed much if any. We put her down and my life will never be the same.  

Two of my cats just turned 8 and that made me sad. Which it shouldn't have, it was there birthdays but I spent most of my time looking at them thinking "why couldn't Ella have made it this long" instead of thinking how awesome it was that I had them for 8 years. I suspect time will change that thinking but as of right now with her going to so young lots of things make me think that.

Your pain will get worse and then better and then worse and then you will cry a lot and so on before it begins to feel ok. I hesitate to say normal because I have not made it to normal yet but I have made it to ok. Listen to the others advice here and lean on the group for support. You have found friends. Welcome and sorry for your loss. 
Ella 2010 - 2016
Gone to soon, loved so much.
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You are all right. Somedays I feel OK.  Then a memory will flash through my mind and I will sob uncontrolably.  Anchoret.....I am so sorry for your loss of such a young baby.  I lost My baby on 3/2/16.  He was my life.  Keep coming to this forum. We have all been where you are now.

Posting anything you want on this Forum is very helpful to the mind and soul. Hugs and Prayers sent your way   Sue
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