My 23 year old cat Edward was killed on purpose this past Sunday. There was no way that they did not see him . All day there is no traffic. Straight shot, no objects to obstruct your sight. I am on my knees with grief. I need to know if they can somehow come back. If they are out there ???? I believe in God, and in Heaven, but I just need to know if anyone has found their animal years later. I am not crazy, just can't get a grip of this . The pain does not go away. Edward was not sick. 100 % healthy at 23. Some heart less human garbage did not even stop to push his body to the curb. Just kept going .
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No, you’re not crazy. The pain with loss of our babies is indescribably the worst pain ever. Having your baby taken so suddenly and tragically is cruel for you and most definitely your Edward. I definitely believe my girl, Tankie, lives. I feel her spirit, sometimes soo very strong I physically react. Outside, her favorite place to be, our backyard. I’ve always called it Tankie’s yard🦋 I’ve never heard someone say they believed their pet was reincarnated, similar in looks and manners yes. Biblically I can’t recall scripture that refers to it, but many meanings are not understood fully in scripture. Without a doubt our bond, our love and our longing is so real and strong that will never vanish in an instant, it’s a constant. I’m amazed at your kitty’s age, so many years spent together, so many memories. How tragic. I hope coming here you will feel a bit of comfort as you grieve, you will never be alone here. We are all trying to cope with a loss, an enormous gut wrenching loss of one of our babies. Some have lost 2 very close together, and are desperately trying to cope. So many “Why’s” and “What if’s” , guilt raises its ugly head to further inflict pain. You will find your body has this amazing ability to never run out of tears,,,,,be extra good to you
Lynn, Tankie’s mom, forever
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