To all , I hate the saying ''I know how you feel'' But in this case I am ( afraid I do know) I am in a bad way!! Harley    Great Dane & Belgian Malinois born 2004 died 10/20 2016 Found under car as a baby I was with him 12 yrs 24 /7. 100.000 hrs  I am retired so it was possible. Up to 6 weeks ago all good ! Went to vet ''was of his game'' Fast moving cancer spline( dear god  in heaven ) having trouble typing tears now. I dug grave & made casket looked at the  hole over the weeks. We tried to spoil he even more than he was. We had a good time up and down for 6 weeks but when he sat down from a slow walk before we got home I new it was getting and when I showed him his leash and he just looked at me I new it was time,called girlfriend, called vet ''on vacation'' but still came coexisted Harley into his bed ( 100 lb ) told him I would be there for him and looked into his eyes for way to long, seems like his veins had clapsed.It was tough man was it then and now wanted for it to be easy, anything but, he went into his casket with a his beautiful toys ( never chewed up ) water bottle and beef jerky dog collars AND his Christmas collar with his bells. I am  so sad see him all over but of coarse he is not there i have given up on clean X handkerchiefs only just the though and I am crying like a child. Holly days coming have no idea how I will get through.You know we always looked at one another but the last few weeks he would ''stare'' at me 5- 10 mins , I would say what is it , nothing !on and off the weeks it was really spooky in a way ? Was he saying it's been a lot of fun but I am going for now and we see each other again ! Could that be or am I going a little crazy with all this ? To all of you maybe going crazy also I do understand. sincerely  mike fredman ps  surprised computer has not shorted out with all the tears here. Feb23211.JPG
mike fredman
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I am so sorry for your loss Micheal. I know exactly what you are going through. I lost Zeus 7 weeks ago tomorrow and it has been the hardest time of my life. We were together for 14 years and eight months. I'm still having a really hard time coping. I can tell you I have gotten a little better over the past few days but the first couple of weeks I was in shock I could barely sleep or eat. I will be praying for you during this really hard time. Ps Harley was a beautiful dog I hope him a Zeus become good buddies over the bridge

Take care
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Dear Mike
Harley looks just beautiful (and very big!)
Unfortunately yes all here do know how you're feeling right now. The flip side is that we've all had the love of these wonderful fur babies and will always have the good memories.
It will get easier and the pain won't be so intense. THe tears though still come along sometimes when you don't expect them. Tonight I was having a real tears flowing and nose running session thinking about Christmas coming.
Spike knew for definate that Christmas paper meant presents which meant treats or toys. Couldn't even get the presents wrapped without him sitting next to me keep barking and paw giving. Talk about optimism!
Hope you're doing ok.
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