Hello, I am new here and I am having my dog sent to rainbow bridge tomorrow. This is by far the hardest decision I have ever had to make. Please tell me it gets easier. I have the most wonderful chocolate lab, he is 13 and one of my fur babies. Man this is so hard. :(
Sharon baker
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I am thinking of you and the difficult task you have tomorrow.  What you are doing is a great act of love, giving your Magnum freedom from all pain and problems.

It does get better but I will tell you that it takes quite a lot of time.  We have all come here because we are brokenhearted over the loss of our beloved furbabies.  The grief stays with you forever but the pain eases in time.

I will keep you in prayer as you go through this heartbreaking event.  Remember it is because you have had his love that you now will feel the heartache and your Magnum is worth the pain for the love you have had.

Hold on to the fact that your baby will be free from difficulties tomorrow, that is the only thing that we can hold onto in the beginning.  Come here to share, we all know what you are going though.

Marlene Wagner
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Hello there....God Bless You for the brave decision you are making!!  Let me assure you, you ARE Brave and Selfless!  The time for our beloved to go to our Creator Maker is never easy because there will never be a good enough time.   I assure you.   Never.   Therefore, it is more loving to end your beloved's pain or condition as you are going to do, and remember it is BECAUSE OF LOVE!   

As a witness, it WILL get better.  I just went through it and I testify it gets better.   If you can, I got the book called:  "Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates" by Gary Kurz.  Found it at Barnes & Noble and it saved my life!  It is Scripturally based with God's Word that our beloved animals go to God!!!  So......your beloved will be with God now on the other side waiting for you!   This book has a 30 day Scriptural Pet Devotion for 30 days.  You have to read one devotion a day to get you through, but only go one day at a time, ok?     

It was life saving and such a help.   I loved my beloved cat beyond myself, so you can imagine the pain I had, but it does ease up day by day.   Never hold back the tears, just cry it out.  Cry until you can't cry any longer.  

I am very very sorry that it's time, but do bless your beloved with no more pain and give a gift of your beloved going to its Creator with everlasting life!!   Amen...Vicki 
Vicki Mattingly 
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hi Sharon, yes this will be the most hardest decision ever. I am sure you want time to stand still now, and have tomorrow never come.

I went thru the same ordeal back on Jan 3rd, the vet wanted me to put my girl Daizy down, cuz she had a tumor that invaded her
liver and bloodstream....i could not do the euthanasia "at that time" and promised to come back 9 hours later..........now those
9 hours were hell for me...........KNOWING that i was going to put my baby to sleep, i had a few meltdowns hours prior to going
to the vet to put her to sleep.................even when I arrived at the vet my Daizy's tail was wagging..........I said "i cannot do this
now"...........but then i thought of Daizy and how she did not eat for 2 days, how she lost weight, how the cancer was invading her
body.............i spent 1 hour 45 minutes in the room with her, til i knew it was time.............and yes, the first day, first hours are
the absolute worst, even weeks after that, even months..........it does take a long time to grieve, a very long time. I don't know
if it ever gets "better" cuz that physical part is not there..........i think in time, after a long bout of grieving, i try to focus on the
precious memories and have hope and faith that my baby is ok at the Bridge..........this all took time for me........and at random
times i have meltdowns.

I wish you so much strength and support for your chocolate lab, and i am sure since the vet has the euthanasia scheduled for
2morrow it much be a serious health risk for your pet.........to not be in pain anymore.

(((sympathetic hugs)))))))))



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Sharon, my thoughts and prayers are with you as you face tomorrow and letting dear Magnum cross the bridge.  Wow 13 is a great age and please spend time with him tonight sharing your memories of those 13 years.  I wish I had had time to do that with my Roxie but her passing was so sudden and without warning.  You are absolutely doing the best thing for Magnum even if you are doubting it.  I lost my first service dog December 12, 2006 from the contaminated pet food incident and I'm going to admit that there are still days that are tough when I think about her but then I smile because I remember she might have had a shorter life but they were great years.  If you have other furbabies in the home be prepared for them to grieve too...going through that all day with my daughter's pet pomapoo who has been with me and Roxie. 

If you want or need to talk tomorrow I will try to be online.  Going to vet to pick up a lock of Roxie's hair so Tae can sniff and say her own see you later so won't be on in morning most likely.  God bless you and your's and you are doing a very good thing for your buddy.
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Blessings. We had to let our Bill go two and a half weeks ago, so this is achingly familiar. All I can tell you is that for us the anticipation of losing him was far more painful than the aftermath. That's not to say that we aren't grieving - we are, very deeply. But if your boy has told you that it's time, then you must honor his wish.

Your boy's Spirit Pack - every one of his canine and human friends who have gone before him - are all there waiting to welcome him. 

We will hold you and your boy tomorrow. Grieve well. Grieve deeply. And remember, this will be the finest gift you have ever given him. Freedom from an old and tired body. No more pain.
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I am so very sorry for your loss. Know that you did the most lovin, selfless act by not allowing your baby to suffer anymore. I lost my baby on Oct. 9th, and we too made the decision to end his suffering. After he passed I felt terribly guilty, like I should have gone to all lengths to save him. But he was in so much pain already and for him to suffer through more treatments and procedures was not fair to do to him. Although sometimes i wonder if he wanted me to. The pain was absolutely unbearable in the beginning. I was not able to function. I can not lie to you, the pain is still there but I am out and about in the world again. It has helped me to keep busy and make things for him. I made a Halloween wreath and put it in his grave at Halloween, and put a little Christmas tree up on his grave a few weeks ago. Stay close to people like us that come to this forum. We understand and feel your pain. I'm so very sorry for your loss. Please know you and your baby will be in my thoughts and prayers. May some peace find you today. Many hugs to you.
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Holding you tonight, Sharon.
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We are sharing your grief and pain today...we too lost our beautiful baby girl yesterday! Stella our 11.6 yr old Black Lab was EVERYTHING pure, loving, gentle, loyal, and perfect and we let her go yesterday morning! We understand whole heartedly what you are going through. I came to this site because of inconsolable grief and a feeling of utter despair and to share these feelings with others who are going through the same is helping. I know Magnum has brought so much joy to your life and this decision is the hardest ever, but in the end it is what they deserve, a peaceful end to suffering and although we can barely breathe, we do what we feel is the best. Their unconditional love has guided us through the years together and will continue to guide us through the minutes, days and beyond. My husband & I have not stopped crying and the ache in our hearts actually hurts. Our Stella went EVERYWHERE with us and everywhere I look is her....we are devastated, as I know you are. PLEASE know that we send you peace and light to envelop you in this time of profound grief. Stella and Magnum crossed together and are running and swimming without pain and with tails wagging! I never remember dreams and I prayed for a sign that Stella was ok and not stuck looking back for us, and in one of my few moments of sleep, I dreamed of her and our boy Olly (who crossed 1 yr ago) running in the snow and having a blast...this was a sign and I will cling to it! BLESSINGS as you work through your sorrow. ((hugs))
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Hi Sharon , By now you have done what seems like an unforgivable deed to someone who did nothing but give you love and devotion . I  know how you feel as i did my darling baby Gemma on monday the 14th , and i still have great moments of grieve and guilt.

Things are a bit better for me i can talk about her without bursting into tears everytime but not always . Still find it hard sleeping in our bed as i keep waking up knowing that something is wrong as she isn't snuggled into me as she always did .

They say in these posts that you do begin to feel less awful , tonight being new years eve all i can think of is my baby isn't here. I hope you can find the peace we all seek and remember the joy and love we gat from them and take comfort that they are waiting for us at the rainbow bridge. puppy.jpg 
Gemma's Daddy
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thank you all so much for the prayers. I still cry daily. it is soo different coming home and he not greeting us at the door. thank you all for your kind words. I really appreciate it
Sharon baker
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