My younger brother begged me to chipped in for a puppy and told me to go check him out first. He was the last one from the litter and another owner would like to purchase him as well. It was a very cold winter snowy day where I begged one of my friend who knows how to drive to drive an hour away to bring him home. My friend and I went and picked the puppy up. It was the cutest little chihuahua yorkie mix with black, brown, and white color on his chest and his paws. His mix of color made him very unique and special in my eye. Remind you, it is my younger brother and I responsibility of this puppy. I was only 18 living under my parents roof entering college working part time. At that time I had a boyfriend too. As my younger brother grew older, he showed no interest in the dog anymore which lead me to be the only taking care of the dog. Dou dou was his name. As time passes, I realize it takes a lot of time to raise a dog and also train him. I still remember when he was 4 years old, he still haven't listen to our commands but as he grew older, he starts to only listens to me. I became a worry dog mother. Fast forwarding to 2015, I moved out with my boyfriend to an appartment. He works a lot of hours so it has always been just me and dou dou at home. Then in 2016, we bought a condo and 3 of us moved into a new environment in a building full of all kinds of dog. On august 25th of 2017, I can never forget this day. Every morning I get myself ready then go say good morning to dou dou and give him morning kisses. Then I strap his harness on his tiny body and realized my watch suddenly ran out of battery. I had this scary feeling but continue to bring him outside for his walk. After our walk, we went back home and as I was wiping his paws, I told myself I need to take my watch off my wrist. I had to put him back to his play pen area and remembered saying you're the cutest thing ever and wish I could bring him to work with me. I said I love you and kiss him some more. On that same day, my boyfriend have a day off. He called me at noon to see if I want to have lunch with him during my break. I agree to it and he said he need to throw out trash first and walk dou dou. Our trash can is at another building. I told him before many times not to multi task while he is with dou Dou. He went out to the side building with a lot of trash and holding dou dou's leash. Because he did not have enough hands, he tie dou dou to the pole near the stairs outside of the side building as he proceed to move the trash to his car so he could drive the trash to the trash can at another building. As my boyfriend starts walking back towards dou dou, a big dog came out of the side building and ran up the stairs and got a hold of dou dou in his mouth. This happened within 5 minutes from when my boyfriend called me to go meet up for lunch. I got a phone call from work within 5 minutes after we hang up and I knew it is bad news. He called me telling me dou dou isn't moving on the ground that a big dog toss him like a doll. I screamed at him to bring him to the vet right now as my whole body was shaking at work. I rushed to the vet as fast as I could and by the time I parked my car at the lot, my boyfriend came out and said dou dou is rested. At that moment I didn't accept what just happened. Dou dou was fine and happy this morning before I left for work. He was walking and doing his business outside just fine. I just can't believe my boyfriend didn't put my dog as his priority when he is multi tasking. I couldn't look at my boyfriend at all that day. I felt like it was my fault if I didn't have a careless boyfriend then dou dou would still be alive. If I didn't have a boyfriend, I would still be living with my parent where dou dou would be protected from all dogs. My spirit basically left with dou dou. He was my life and my everything. He was always happy and smart. He picks up new commands very easily. If I could trade my body parts to save him, I would. He was only 9 years old. His birthday was coming in October and I am very devastated he didn't make it to his birthday. It was one of the hardest day of my life. My relationship with my boyfriend aren't going well anymore because I lost trust in him. Today marks 3 months without dou dou at home. I couldn't even go home after work. I've been going to my parents house after work. Opening the door without hearing his bark is still very hard. I miss hearing his bark when I open the door. I miss hearing him shake his fur. I miss hearing him drink water and eat his dry food. I miss him watching me make dinner. I miss him staying in the bathroom while I shower. My heart has a giant burnt hole. I am very lost without him in my life.
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I'm so sorry for your loss of dou dou, it is heartbreaking I know. He sounds like such a cute and beautiful dog, loving. The grief you feel is so difficult to manage in the early months. The guilt you are feeling adds to the depth of the grief, please be easy with yourself. Dou dou knows how much you loved him, that will never change. He will be in your heart forever, always close by, watching over you. My belief is that we will be with them again, we will be reunited again. The owner of the dog that attacked dou dou is really the problem. If you live in an apartment area I'm sure people are required to keep their dogs on a leash. My heart breaks for you. This journey is a slow, long process. Everyone grieves as they must, there are no rules. When you can focus on the happy moments you had with dou dou, remember the good times and know that he is still with you. I wish I could help you release some of the guilt you are feeling, I pray for peace and comfort for you. The people here on this forum can be so helpful during these times you are going through. Blessings to you.
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My deepest condolences on your loss. What a terrible tragedy you've been through to lose your beloved Dou dou in this terrible way. He sounds like a sweet little guy and you obviously had a wonderful bond.
Do you know or were you able to find out where this other dog came from? The dog is dangerous. Terrible!
When a beloved pet is killed under such horrific circumstances it's hard to look at anything positive. I would say that you gave Dou dou a wonderful life. In fact on that last morning you kissed him and told him you loved him so you will always have that lovely memory. I would also say that Dou dou would want you to go on and live a good life because he loved you so much. He will be sad knowing that you are sad.
This was a terrible accident. Your boyfriend must have been very upset by what happened and especially knowing he had let you down. If you put yourself in his place it would be quite a burden of guilt to carry. I think you need to try and discuss what happened with him so that you can both grieve the loss of this sweet soul together and hopefully you will be able to forgive him for the sake of your relationship ~ but also for yourself.
I think we all make mistakes and he would never have expected something so terrible to happen in just a few short minutes. You've lost your precious Dou dou and it's not easy to move on after the loss of a wonderful pet. I wish you peace to heal your broken heart.
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What a horrible time you have had! I lost my dog 5 days before you so we are in the same boat, time-wise. I cannot even imagine the grief you feel, though, due to the way Dou Dou died. I can't convey the sympathy I feel for you. 3 months is still fresh for grieving and mourning. On Christmas, I hope you will be with family who knew DouDou so they can help you through the season. This forum is a wonderful place to express your feelings to people who understand what you're going through. People will urge you to think of the good times but 3 months in, I think it's hard not to focus on the loss of your sweet puppy. You're not alone. Grieve as long and as openly as you need to. You have to take care of your physical and mental health and if someone can't deal with it, too bad. Your heart has a big hole in it; heal in your own time.
I'll be thinking of you and Dou dou. 💔
Joanne Brigden
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So sorry for your loss. I feel the three month mark is so difficult. At least is was for me. That's when it really sunk in to me that I would never see William again.

Your boyfriend made a mistake. It will be hard to forget. But, the fault lies in the dog owner whose dog was out loose and attacked your baby.

Just as with humans we all " parent " differently. Your boyfriend did not set out to intentionally hurt your baby.

Wishing you the best
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I'm very sorry for your loss. Dou Dou (a wonderful name!) seemed like a great little dog and a magnificent friend.

Before I lost my little Pomeranian a couple of years ago, I did not know such pain was even possible. I understand you so much, but I know that that will not make you feel better. This situation with your boyfriend must be horribly difficult and, although your he didn't want to put Dou Dou in harm's way, I do understand your being angry with him. It's natural; I don't know anybody in such a situation who would not react that way. However, I agree with the other posters that the owner of the other dog is the one who's responsible.

I found salvation in these forums and received such caring help from its members. I say this a lot, but for me, reading messages in this forum and dedicating a post to Tsuk helped me a lot. I cried every day a lot and could not stand to be in my house without him for many months. Reading your story makes me feel like the first day after his passing. It's excruciating; at times, life will feel absolutely empty and meaningless without Dou Dou. Your heart needs to mend and that will take time. Listen to it and let it lead you in your recovery. If our beloved companions are indeed on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, then I'm sure little Dou Dou is watching over you and will help you feel better. I'm in no way a spiritual man, but it seems I saw my sweet boy in nature a lot, taking the form of butterflies, of flowers and of the wind. Hold on to anything that you feel helps you, no matter what it may be.   

I wish you great strength and courage. Please accept my sincerest feelings of peace.

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