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Just hang inn there we all feel for you
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Yesterday was the first snow of the year and my wife and I saw the beauty in the snowfall, we also felt melancholy.  Brittany loved the snow, she was a nut for the snow and loved sticking her nose down into the snow.  She would lay there in it with a smile on her face.  But yesterday there were no paw prints to be seen in the snow.   My morning routine has changed and it helps. Since there is no Brittany to put out, no Brittany to feed I go the the gym. 
Making changes, trying to adapt, I am sure Brittany would want it that way.
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Oh dear Jsjag, I am really sorry to hear about the passing-away of your dog Brittany. She's the most lovely girl!
It's the most awful feeling when a loved one has to go. We have built our lives around them, their friendship, their needs. Our whole world is their world.
I do know because my Misty left....quite some time ago now, but she is still missed very much and always will be.

I am in my mid-60s too. I do think when we get older we have changed from the way we used to be, emotionally and mentally. People tell me to get another dog, but I will wait upon God and what He sends me for that I think. I am always ready to do what feels right to do. And the loss of my dog hit me harder than anything ever has through my whole life. I have been bereaved many times, but her passing was the hardest to take.

It's early days for you. And those early days are devastating. I honestly thought I was going to die when my dog left. I could not imagine my life not filled with her. I took no medications, but I think it's best you do anything which you honestly feel is helping you. But watch out for those drugs. They are nasty long-term. But for a few days they may help you at least get some sleep....etc.

Grief comes in waves, like huge waves that seem as if they are going to drown us in sorrow. They are so frightening. I just went under with my waves. Let them take me right down and under, but I found I always came up again gasping for air, and so the days went on. And here I am five and a half years later....still miss my girl because I love her like nothing else, ever. But I can cope with life. You will be able to do too.

What helped me very much was realising my dog's love hadn't died and neither had mine for her, and sensing her love sometimes, so real and alive. It also helped at first to write a blog for her....and then a book; her life story. In the first days what helped was making sure her grave was pretty, and making sure all her photos were uploaded from my phone to online. You know....still doing a few things for her helped to bridge the sense of total loss, and the awful loss of our daily routine.
But oh boy I still miss her and will for the rest of my life, bless her beautiful special Soul!

Kindest thoughts to you. And to your wife.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

Misty's Blog..a Dogfight with Cancer http://www.mistysblog69.blogspot.co.uk

Misty's life after death: http://www.dog2spirit.com
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Ugh, tonight was difficult.  My son and his girlfriend came over and we put up the Christmas tree.  Came across dog ornaments and one was a dog holding a bone in its mouth with angel wings on its back.  In earlier times it represented how good of a dog she was but today it represented something different, it represented her with real angel wings.  

We couldn't put it on the tree, not yet but in memory it will eventually go on the tree.   

It has been one of those years of people passing away and as I looked at the tree I thought to myself - who won't be her next year.  The bell could toll for any of us in the room, they weren't good thoughts.

So right now I am talking to Brittany and in my head she is saying that she is happy.  She really did like Christmas morning. it excited her.  She was the first to open presents.

Sorry that I keep posting, I don't want to bore people but it helps to post.

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My wife and I talked today and of all our dogs Brittany loved Christmas the most and she was the first to open presents on Christmas day.  She isn't with us this year so today my wife did something special for her that sits by the tree.  A dog cookie is wrapped for her and hopefully wherever Brittany is she will know that we are thinking of her.


brittanys christmas present ( 2017.jpg 

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These days are indeed difficult - it is so clear and obvious how much of our lives centred around our special fur one.  Your wife's present for Brittany brought tears to my eyes - and touched my heart.  Your girl definitely is a beauty and her love for Christmas morning and her special treats is such a fond and precious memory.  And, never fear, Brittany does know she is missed and loved for always.  She hears your voice, and walks closely beside you each day...She is off on a new adventure for a while until you meet again...But she always is close at hand.  
Christmas is difficult - no more need be said...Hoping you have a calm and peaceful day - filled with Brittany moments, many smiles she brings just thinking of her and yes, even some tears for the loss of companionship, comfort and unconditional love.  She is truly now your angel pup - watching over you - perhaps that Christmas ornament is her subtle sign that she is 'hanging' around with you.  Take care.
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