Hello everyone! Sorry, its been a few days since I've been in here. We now have internet at home again so I can come in every day. 
Just got done writing on Rottie's page and wanted to stop in before I head to bed, it's hunting season, have to be up early(way to early in my opinion). 
STill missing our baby boy pretty bad, but at least we're not crying all the time now. I wish he was here to enjoy some turkey, like the big dogs will get.  It's been almost 2 mos now, and it still hurts.  We did find his bandana, the one he's wearing in the picture, its so little now and it didnt fit him much after he wore it the one time. It even had his hair on it still. I know that sounds silly, but oh well.
Glad to be back, and hope to get on longer tomorrow, but tonight, turkey stuffed as I am, it's bed time. Thank you all for your continuous support, and I'll talk to ya's tomorrow.

In Loving Memory of Rottie, our baby boy
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Hi Rottiesmom. Glad that you've got internet again.
Hey its been a little over 3 months, and I still have crying times for takes time to heal when you lose your family member. I have Maddie's stuff all around me, I find it comforting.  Hope you managed okay today.  Judy :)
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