Good morning Rita,
Today is your sweet 16th birthday!  I still remember the day you were born, and it happened to be Mother's Day.  You came into my world 5 weeks later as a cute, rambunctious kitten.  It was so much fun watching you play and grow into the wonderful girl you are.  In so many ways you were a typical cat, everything was on your terms, you never sat on my lap, but you were glued to me at night.   In other ways you were far from typical.  You always knew when I was down and would comfort me.  We had an unspoken bond and you taught me what unconditional love is.  You have given me the inspiration to want to help other animals who were not as fortunate as you and that is how I choose to honor your life.  Although we were only together here for 11 1/2 years, your presence is always around me.  Just know how much you are loved by your family and we still laugh at all the funny things you did.
Enjoy your birthday at the bridge with all your friends!  Sage also wishes you a Happy Birthday!  You helped me pick her out at the shelter and she is perfect like you!  I will be thinking about you all day today, but I think about you every day and am grateful you came into my life.  Until we meet again...
I love you baby girl!
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