Hi Judy,
Just wanted to wish you a Happy Easter.  A very different Easter this year - but Easter nevertheless.  Our preacher put his sermon on youtube.  I have not watched it yet but I will later.   I watched Joel Osteen this morning.  He had Tyler Perry on briefly.  I really like what all he said. There was a lot on TV today.  I actually heard a Catholic priest speak that I really liked what he talked about.  I normally don't watch Catholic stuff but he came on with a short sermon and it was very good.  I am hoping that some people who never give God a second thought will turn to God thru all of this trouble.  There are so many people going through such hard times.  I'm praying by May things can begin to get back to normal although I know it will take a good bit of time.   Here in the states, the smaller towns and counties are not having a problem.  Maybe 2 or 3 cases in a whole county.  It is mainly the urban cities that have had the problems.  
It has been a lazy weekend.  Kayla came over today for lunch and a visit.  Now she went to Galveston to ride bikes with a friend.  She will pick up Julep on her way home.   I have been sneezing since I woke up. I have a lot of congestion but this is usual for me.  The wind is very strong today and you can see stuff blowing in.  I'm quite sure it is not CV but I would scare people because everyone is hyper-sensitive now to anyone sick or that seems like they could be sick.  I need to work tomorrow with Randy but, other than that, I'll probably try to stay away from stores etc. 
I had planned to go see Mom Tuesday but we will see.  I don't want to go over there if I'm sneezing and coughing....not going to take any chances with her.  
Fortunately I have some work to do for UT so that is good. I was able to work on that today.  Other than cooking and doing a few things, I have sat like a slug in the recliner today.  I'm kind of ready for Julep to go home because I'm tired of the two of them vying for a spot on my legs!  But I do love her.  She is the sweetest dog....and just a good dog.  Not like my whiner!  Mine will get in front of the pantry door where she knows the treats are and just whine.   I call her the 'union spokesperson'.   She is the squeaky wheel who is going to annoy people so much until they give her what she wants just to shut her up!  She has her good moments too.  I love her but she is something else.  
Not much else going on here.  I hope you were able to enjoy your day.  Thinking of you today and sending you good wishes!
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