My Precious friend Happy Birthday. I'm thinking about you today. You have been at the Bridge 24 days. I think about you everyday, when you would scrath at my chair to be picked up and put in my lap. When you would leave me a sliver of the bed. You are missed very much.

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Sweet memories of your beloved Stormy. I hope you are slowly starting to walk along the path towards healing. It is so clear from your post how much love you had for your little one. That love will never fade.

Thinking of you.

Polly x
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Happy birthday to your beloved baby. its probably a hard day for you. she is your little angel,and will always be. wishing you peace, and happy memories today. Judy

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Happy birthday to your precious baby. We are here for you. I bet the pets at the Rainbow Bridge had a great party for Stormy today. :-)

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