Happy Birthday baby girl, today I celebrate your 4th birthday in heaven, it seems like yesterday that I came to this wonderful place broken and so sad I thought my heart could never heal..and there will always be an empty spot in it for you my precious angel. 
Now I have two more holes in my heart for Kaizer and Maddie who came to be with you this year...but still in my sadness I leave hope to each of you here that are facing a first Christmas without your babies...there will be happier days, I promise.
Today I choose to celebrate the precious time I had with my girl and to celebrate that in her passing and in my promise to her as we laid her to rest that cold December day, of saving as many as I could in her honor...I sit here today with tears streaming down my face for the loss I have to face but also with tears of joy for those who have found a home because I believe my girl shined her light of love and hope down on us...this I do in your memory...28 saved this year...a special thanks to my rainbow family Sissy (Usdi's mom) for giving Baby Girl the most precious and most special home I know every night that she is loved as she should be, and to Dana for giving Ruger a home and the love he deserves and for Andrea and her love and devotion to helping Teyha become the beautiful baby she was suppose to be all along, and last but not least to my Old Girl and Belinda , thank you angel for sending these extras to mom and daddy we love them more than words could say...

Debbie Princess, Kaizer & Maddie's mom

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Dear Debbie,
Hugs to you on this 4th marker, I know how difficult the memory of that final day is, time softens the pain but it never really goes away completely. Princess's legacy of love lives on in all the furbabies you've rescued and placed in forever homes, how proud she is of all you do to help these homeless little souls. I've asked Ralphie to give Princess a kiss for me on this marker - I'm sure he was present to welcome her when she arrived at the Bridge 4 years ago today.

Maria - Ralphie's Mom
"Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened"-Anatole France
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Oh sweet .... I know that time doesn't heal ... we miss our babies and it's amazing how much love remains for us to share.  The legacy of your girl is how willing you are to open your heart and home and help other babies who need you.   There is never time long enough on this Earth....they give us so much and ask for so little.  I know you miss your girl and those you've lost since.  Thinking of you on this day
Hugs and Merry Christmas ........ I know the bridge kids are wound up and ready to party ... decorations galore, food and treats everywhere ...
the music is playing and they are getting their dancing feet ready ...
ahhhh ... have to think of them smiling down and sending love
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