Good morning my angel,
Happy 14th Birthday!  I can't believe it's been that long since that Mother's Day when you were born.  You were only 6 weeks old when you came into my life, an adorable ball of mischief.  I so enjoyed those kitten antics and that time went so quickly.  Then you grew into the most sweet loving companion, unless you went to the vet.  They had so many "will bite" stickers on your file.  You screamed, growled and hissed.  We could hear you all over the animal hospital.  I told them that they probably thought I abused you but they said quite the contrary, that they believed you were just so spoiled, which you were!  Eleven and half years was not long enough for us, but it's all about the quality, not the quantity of time.  You brought so much joy and love to my life.  Your love showed me a path of giving back, which i now do at a cat cafe.  I spend every other Saturday socializing cats from all walks of life so they have a chance at a forever home. In the few months I've been there many cats have gone home and that gives me great joy.  It has been so good for healing from the loss of you.  
Sage is getting so big too!  It's amazing how many of your personality traits exist in her. Many people have said that she reminds them of you!  I don't know if there could ever be another you.  She looks up at the ceiling a lot, almost as if to ask you what she should be doing.  
So my precious baby, I hope you have a wonderful birthday with all your new friends at the Bridge. I will be thinking of you a lot more than usual today and as usual, I will talk to you as I hold your favorite pink blanket tonight.
I love you and miss you :(
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Happy Belated Birthday to your adorable kitty! 14 years! and you had her since she was just a baby. I know the day brought many happy memories to the forefront and I know it's sad also my dear because she is no longer with you. I hope you had a nice day celebrating. I think it is quite admirable what you are doing helping and socializing other cats. Bravo for you! Your baby is proud of her mom. Sage may indeed be looking at the ceiling and listening to your other sweet girl. I've read about this is a book recently. I wish you peace and healing.
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