Tomorrow will be exactly two months since my dog Scooter died. I seem to freak out every Tuesday because it was a Tuesday into a Weds at 2 a.m. that was his last breath on this earth. Feb 9 was two years ago my Mom died and that was hard too of course but this is a whole different kind of pain. I thought I was doing okay today until I was looking for photos (of other dogs) to use to get more pet sitting jobs and came across one of him as a puppy and another one as an adult and the sobbing commenced, again. How do you all handle anniversaries? I am dreading tomorrow and it seems when I am not crying, I am very irritable. I am a spiritual person and yes praying to God helps me to a point, of course....looking for more other tips....
Missing and loving Scooter Forever
- Melissa
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I'm so sorry for your loss of Scooter, I know how painful it is and how the grief can just overwhelm you out of nowhere. The waves will continue to come for some time. So many things can trigger the tears, I still cry so easily, I try to look at pictures of my dogs at least every week. It is difficult, but it helps me through some of the grief. I light candles every Sunday morning, that is the time I spend a few minutes in prayer and meditation, talking with them, remembering them, honoring them. These anniversaries, whether they be a date, a day, weekly, monthly, are so difficult. This pain, for me and for so many others here, including you, is far more than we ever thought. There were times I thought maybe I wasn't normal, but this forum showed me that everyone here understands and are going through the same pain. It's difficult to say what will help, I wanted to go walking in the park where I always took my dogs, but it was over 8 months before I could do that. We all can only do what we think we can, it varies. I wish I could be of more help, but lighting the candles and taking a few minutes to be 'with them', helped me a lot. Blessings to you for peace and comfort during this difficult time.
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The anniversaries are difficult. Today is the one week anniversary of my girl passing. I found myself yesterday, doing all the “one week ago today...” things.

I’m not great at this myself. But it does help me to do something that makes me feel like I am honoring my dog’s life, even if it’s just a little thing. Spending some time looking at photos, writing something down about my feelings or a special moment we shared, doing something that they specifically liked, such as perhaps walking their favorite area with their leash or something else in my hand. I don’t know, there could be many things, even just taking a moment of silence. But just taking some time that’s specific to remembering them seems to help me a bit. I find allowing myself a moment to fully feel my feelings, to not deny them or try to squash them in the background really helps. I let the tears come, I pray about my feelings and the situation, and yeah, that’s about all I have.

Hopefully, others have some better suggestions. But for what it’s worth, I hope it helps. Take care, I know it’s difficult and you’ll be in my thoughts tomorrow.
—Loving Riley, Rosy & Axl always 🐾

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