We missed the signs. She started with a limp, then sitting weird, licking her paws, and then not wanting to eat. It was about 6 months time baby girl suffered. I had her to the vet at about the month mark. He said she pulled something in her hip but was healing. Elsie was where I was all the time. When I went to work and my wife to bed she waited at the door. We walked everyday. Two to three times daily. It was our thing. All times of the day and night. I shortened the walks because she would pant heavily and get tired. I missed the signs till Tuesday morning after work. She didn't jump up and kiss me coming in the door, just a little lick. I turned on the light she was sitting up looking off. No tail wags nothing. I grabbed her poop bags and leash, she never moved. I bent down to pet and she dropped to the floor crying. And yelping. She was paralyzed some where in her back. As I cry typing this my sorrow is beyond belief. We took her to the Pet ER. She had a ruptured disc a few inches back from her shoulders. The heavy panting was do to that. She tried to stand and be by me. I had to put her down. ElsieTElsie came to uswus at 3 Months old.  buti mostslept with her for about 2 weeks on the floor because she missed her litter mates. Her last 2 hours I laid on the exam room floor comforting her till the end sound decision of life. I am so sorry Elsie that we missed all the signs. I love you still. Someday we will meet again on the bridge.
Scott L Welsh
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I'm so sorry you had to lose your furbaby like that. Something I've heard that's helped me with guilt is - you make decisions based on the information you have at the time you make the decision, and hindsight is 20-20. My Ginger is often extra cuddly when unwell and she had been like that before she passed. After I wondered how long she had suffered - I thought in the moment that she wasn't suffering, but was happy we were working at home. What a dedicated Dad you are to be with Elsie, as close as you possibly could, when she needed you - I know you would have moved heaven and earth to help her. And I know the feeling of wanting to be right there - I never left my Gingers side her last day and comforted her in her final moments.
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I'm so very sorry for your loss, Scott.  Often times it's hard to know all the signs.  Be gentle with yourself.  Sending love and comfort your way. 
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i'm sorry for your loss. Elsie is free from pain now, though you have to bear yours.
You did what was best and though you might be blaming yourself, don't. You have been an awesome father and companion to your pet and they certainly appreciate that

The saddest moment is when the one who gave you the best memories,
Becomes a memory.

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I’m so sorry Scott, but try not to blame yourself for missing the signs because if you knew what was wrong with Elsie you would have done everything in your power to help her.  I blamed myself for a long time because my lab had lung cancer and at first I didn’t know but when I took her on walks I noticed her having a hard time breathing and I thought she was just being difficult and would not keep up with me but now I look back and I know it’s because she had lung cancer and couldn’t breath well.  I beat myself over that but it didn’t change anything and made it that much harder to cope with the pain and sadness.  I love her with all my heart and if I knew her condition back then I would have done everything I can to help her.  I miss her every day of my life.
M moore
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I am sorry for you loss. I experienced something similar and had to put my beloved sweet Milly down yesterday. I wish you the best to cope with such an abrupt decision to make. It is heartbreaking. 
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