My hamster just passed last night at 9:20 pm. My boyfriend alerted me that she was very weak and wouldn't move. My family was very upset with me that I had to leave early due to my hamsters health. I arrived a few minutes after she already died. I feel like I should of gone right away instead of arguing with my family. I feel guilt that I wasnt there to comfort her in her last moments. I know there's not much I could have done at that point but maybe if I tried she would of passed on happy. Earlier today I buried her and I haven't been able to stop crying. She was a small animal but I loved her as my own child. My sweet Sinon.
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I am so sorry for your loss! Our 4 legged friends come in all shapes and sizes and we love them for their spirit. Bailey was like my child as well so I understand the awful pain you are feeling. It's obvious you loved your Sinon and I'm sure you gave her a happy life.
Sending you Hugs,
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I'm so sorry for your loss of Sinon. That is so sad. She knows how much you loved her and your bf was with her. Take some comfort in that and try to go easy on yourself. Hugs to you <3
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Venus  I am so sorry for the loss of your baby.  I have had many hamsters and Guinea pigs of my kids pass away.  It is heartbreaking when any animal we love passes.  Blessings  Sue
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