Yesterday we had our 11 year old yellow lab euthanized. It happened suddenly. The last few weeks he wasn't himself. He slept a lot, wasn't as excited to eat, had bad back hips, and a cough that was getting worse. The cough was what made me call the vet yesterday morning. My thought was it was his heart so I wasn't even thinking anything else. The vet took X rays and said it looked like lung cancer, but wanted to send the X Ray out for a second opinion. I asked the vet what her gut told her and she said she believed it was cancer. We took our dog Jake home and discussed out options. He wasn't well and wasn't living a full happy life so we made the decision to put him down. This all happened in the span of 5 hours. We were with him during the procedure and felt we did the right thing at the time.

Now it's the non stop crying and feeling guilty that we made the wrong decision. The vet never said we should euthanize, but when we came back for the procedure she said that he was old and his body was deteriorating. I feel like she would said something if we made the wrong decision before they started.

Are these feelings just part of the grieving process? Will I ever stop crying or feeling this knot in my stomach? I can feel ok and then feel this build up of sadness. I even worry that he is Ok in heaven and not looking for me or wondering why we did this to him. We loved him so much and miss him so much. Am I going crazy?
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You are not crazy. I lost my cat 10 weeks ago and I am still super upset, feel guilty, and cry all the time. We will never know the what if's unfortunately. My cat had cancer and I opted for the surgery and unfortunately he passed away a few minutes after the surgery. He was 12 so he was older but thats not very old for a cat. You guys made what you thought was the best decision for your dog and thats what matters in the long run. 
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You are NOT crazy or maybe we all are a little bit.  Grief does that to you.  I wish I could tell you this will be a short process but I can't do that honestly.  I lost my Molly last Thanksgiving and I am STILL crying for her daily, usually several times a day.  I am so sorry you had to go through all that in such a short time, but I did too with Molly.  She was fine in the morning and then suddenly had a stroke and that was it, no choice but to end her suffering.

It is so hard I know and you will be grieving for some time, but it sounds like you did the right thing.  You gave Jake the greatest gift you could give him, you didn't let him suffer.  You will see him again.  Don't worry about that.  It is just hard right now for sure.
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As I read your post, a couple of things made my jaw drop.  My winston also had a bad cough for a couple of months, I thought it was a cold. He was a 12 yr old Bulldog. also he was sleeping a lot, not eating like he used to, Moping around and had a poor quality of life. I made my decision after a couple of other things happened to him in the span of 1 week.  My vet didn't tell me he needed to be put down, but she did say while we were in the room"I can see he is suffering". From what I've read on here and other websites My Winston was sicker than I ever thought. His body also was deteriorating.  It's only recently that I know I made the right decision for him.  My 2 daughters wanted to hospitilize me in the days that followed.  I also was hysterical with grief. No you are not crazy, Your grief has to come out. I'm so very sorry for your loss  Prayers your way
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my dog Munki, too had lung cancer she was 13 years 10 months old....and when the Radiographs showed cancer in her chest area, she only lived 6 days longer, and the vets said i should put her down.

You have to think of "quality of life" and how the dog feels, cancer is a hard thing for any dog to go thru, I am sure it is painful for their breathing, and depending on how aggressive it is and invades the body.

As for your beloved 11 y/o yellow lab, besides the cough, and the bad hips and the not excited to eat, those are all signs of quality of life. You have to remember that. And at the time, you did feel it was the right thing to go. I know myself, i keep going back to "that day" our last day...and reliving it over, and over again. I too, wished i kept my dog Munki alive longer, but for who sake, mine or for her??? 

I beleive you did the right thing, and again, cancer can be very aggressive and you have to think of the health of your pet and be their decision maker.

Its been since 12/3/15 that i lost my baby, tears still roll down my face each day, i miss her so much words cannot even say.

And this is all so fresh, raw and new and the next few weeks I am sure are going to be hard on your heart and tears will flow...heck I am going on 3 1/2 months, and i still cry every does get easier as time goes on, but the love and the missing your pet will never go away.

My condolences your way,



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