I lost my beloved best friend Zoe a month ago. She was a 7 year old Great Pyrenees. I have and don’ t think my life will ever be the same again. She was not sick, and maybe it sounds awful but makes it worse. She had aggressive tendencies and her job in life was to protect me and my home. She enjoyed walks, daycare and being brushed. I have never had an issue until neighbors decided to start taunting her/us and causing issues. After several incidents, police called, I became so afraid for her safety or that the dog warden would come and take her that I started to keep her inside as much as possible, which was not her norm. I tried to rehome her, contacted rescues, tried to find someone to train an aggressive dog, to no avail. Before something bad happened, my vet and I decided before she hurt someone badly, it was the best decision I could make for her safety. I feel awful, hate myself, feel like a failure as a “mom”, and so angry at everyone. And all around everyones life moves on, and I dont know how to. The guilt is overwhelming.i hate coming home to an empty house, still have her stuff all around, and don’t really know how my life will ever be good again.
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I am so sorry. It makes me angry that others were so insensitive to your poor Zoe. I cannot imagine your pain having to let her go. Your life will never be the same because the pain will always be present. We just learn to live with the pain. I hope you can forgive yourself, it sounds like you tried your best and some things were out of your control. Again I am sorry.
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I am feeling so so sad to have
read what you had to do for 
very good reasons.

My heart and my prayers are
with you in your grief and
sadness and pain.
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I'm so sorry about the circumstances that led to Zoe's crossing over the bridge.  Sometimes in this life we simply do not understand why things play-out as they do... and we become angry and hurt because we don't  understand.  When it is your appointed time to cross the bridge, Zoe will be waiting for you and will explain. Until then, watch for signs that her spirit is still here and that she still loves you.

They never live long enough....
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