I've been going over the last minutes with Matzi over and over again. I have intense guilt about the decision of putting him to sleep. Even though intellectually I know it was the right thing to do. He wasn't happy anymore he wasn't eating or drinking water and he was sleeping constantly. The vet said he was also developing a heart murmur. Putting him to sleep was the best decision for him the vet said. So why do I feel like I killed my baby!
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Hey Dani, I know how you feel.  I lost 2 of my beloved cats a month ago, one was 22 and had quit eating or drinking very well.  Even though I felt like it was definitely time to let him go, I will suddenly get the thought that I killed my cat.   And it hurts a lot, but deep down I know that I was just trying to keep him from suffering more and that I traded his hurt for mine.   I also feel guilt over my 12 year old cat who had kidney disease and I suddenly lost him less than a week after my other boy.   I feel like there was more I should have done and some things I shouldn't have done in his case.

I think we just have to believe we did what was best for them in the circumstances and that we had our babies best interests at heart.   They wouldn't want us to hurt or feel bad, they loved us unconditionally and we loved them so much.   I think in time the guilt will soften and only the love will remain.  That's the best way to honor them after all.

Sending hugs your way!
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Hi Dani.  I'm so sorry. I know how you feel too.  My baby girl had cushing's and bladder tumors and it was kidney failure in the end that made her not want to eat/drink. Because of how Murphy's law works, my baby girl rallied right before the vet showed for euthanasia.  But as strong as her spirit was, we knew she wasn't herself and still not eating/drinking to sustain herself so I went through with it anyway.  It's been almost 5 months and I miss her daily and the guilt comes back at times with a vengeance.  Look for the signs.  Keep talking to your baby and hold onto the memories.  Keep posting on this forum and keep reaching out. These are the only things that have helped me. Hang in there. Hugs.
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Every one of us who loses a pet has guilt. I think it is a normal part of grieving. NO matter how bad off and how bleak the prognosis is, we feel guilty. I have not read one post in here where the person had no guilt. I don't understand it but I guess it is one of the stages. 

Try to remember you did what you did out of love and you never tried to hurt your pet and you never wanted your pet to suffer.  I think the guilt eventually passes but it takes time. it's normal to go over the last few weeks, days, hours, minutes, in your head and have anguish. we all do it. 

Hugs to you!

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I am so sorry for your loss. We lost our Sherman 10 days ago. He had so much wrong with him.......we are fighting feelings of guilt, but 3 Vets assured us it was the right thing to do. He wasn't our Sherman for the last month. I knew it was the end when I had him outside and was trying to get him to come in the house, all I used to have to say is "Want a treat?" and he would bolt back to the house. It barely interested him any more. We put our trust in our vet and she said Sherman will tell you when he is ready. No longer responding to "treat?" was the sign. He lived for treats. Our hearts are broken. We can't believe he is gone. But it really was the right thing to do for him, even though it has devastated my wife and me.
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This decision is one of the toughest anyone can make in life, everyone questions "the right time", but all you can do is trust your feelings and the opinion of your vet. The bond between human and pet is indescribable, and deciding when it is time results in a number of emotions, one of which is guilt. You can't second guess yourself, you did what was best for Matzi, pretty much every pet person faces what you faced, just give yourself time to grieve. 
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