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thank you for the replies and for the website on euthanasia. Although ai am terribly sad and missing my sweet angel, the guilt is beginning to subside. I know Harley loved us and we loved him. At 7 we adopted him and gave him a very special loving and adoring home. who knows what his life would have been like had he not come to us. I am proud that we gave him a loving awesome home and spoiled him. Still crying but more because I miss him now, not the guilt.
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Very true, Ashley12. And Jmcgill, I too, am pushing guilt away and now I just miss him. Not easy either, but I decided to quit "beating myself up" with guilt. I did the best I could for him. Beau's life was cut short and at times, was challenging. But I'm glad it was me caring for and loving him throughout his life. And he, in return, gave me a gift. He got me through rough times and his simple and unconditional love brought joy to my life in those nine years we had each other. We both served a purpose for each other. 
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I want to add my gratitude to the others for you taking the time to post and provide a link. My Mikki has only been gone for five days, and I'm drowning in grief and guilt. I keep seeing her dark-brown eyes looking at me as if she was asking why I couldn't make her feel better.

Mikki's Mom
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I'm glad I read this original post. Very helpful. My Munchkin (5 year old kitty) was perfectly healthy and was killed by our adopted dog. The guilt has been overwhelming. The rehearsing of the past has been continuous. It happened a few months ago and I'm barely accepting that it actually happened. I don't want to grow bitter and cold from this. I'm gonna return to this reading so I can practice those guidelines. I did love and care for my precious angel deeply and treated her like a baby but I've been feeling like I was a terrible and stupid mommy.
Munchkin Mommy
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silvermini, so glad you posted the information from those sites.  I don't know why your original post a couple of weeks ago was deleted because I found it really helpful.  So nice of you to take the time to post the text of those articles so others can benefit.  I told you at the time that those articles were the most helpful I had read and actually, they are what got me over the hump and into a better place with the loss of sweet Riley.  I am glad this forum is here and that so many are willing to share their experiences so that we can all feel like we are not alone in how we are feeling.
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Thank you for sharing you are spot on.  It just takes someone to point these things out now and again and remind us of all the things that guilt takes away from us.  Having lost my handsome boy Duke to cancer I can relate to all you said.
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Thank you for spelling it out for us! This really hits the nail on the head. We need to give ourselves the grace we give others, and accept what we cannot change, be brave to change what we can, and ask God to know the difference .
Frosty Joy 5/14 - 7/16
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