We Lost Guardian in April of last year at the age of 15. 8 months later we were forced to put Angel down she was only 10 and a Beautiful border Aussie. Angel was my Husbands dog she was a good girl I loved her the way I love any animal I am responsible for. But I didn't have that soul deep bond that I had with Guardian. He was the kindest dog I have ever known. He was even instrumental in helping people to get past their fear of dogs. He was Lab husky and wolf. I didn't know about the wolf in him until he was six-months old. Had I known I would not have adopted him. Guardian Helped me Raise my boys.when they were new borns he slept by the Crib as they started sitting up he made a wonderful boppy pillow to support them as they had a bottle or a snack. Once the babys were Crawling he never left there side some times standing in there way to keep them from leaving the living room. As toddlers the boys rode Guardian like a horse and sat on him to watch Cartoons. Guardian Had very little of the wolf behavior traits. Other then the need to wander and the ability to escape from anything . Once the boys were school age we lived a quarter mile from the school Guardian did not like his boys leaving his sight and would escape and go to school showing up on the playground. One day he dug out of the yard my husband had put up a six foot fence to try to keep him safe. With in a week of the fence going up Guardian was hit by a car. He dislocated both hips collapsed one lung and lost a lot of skin. After 5000 dollars he was put back together. But was never the same he still loved life. But could no longer run. About a year after the accident we adopted a Aussie mix named Angel. She was beautiful smart and sweet.Guardian fell in love in fact even though they were both fixed they still knew one another in the biblical sense. I freaked the first time I cought them called the vet thinking maybe angel wasn't really fixed but the vet told me she was fixed. That they were just having fun although it was unusual for dogs to continue that behavior after they were fixed it wasn't unheard forward several years the boys are teenagers we adopted a chiweeny named Becket not long after Guardian and Angel had some special time. They treated the new puppy like it was theirs . The might have thought it was. They made an adorable family. So time passes and Guardian is now 15 him and angel still love each other although Guardian had to use things to prop him self up he still managed to fullfil Angels needs. In fact that's what he was doing when he stroked out. Loosing the use of his back legs. We took him to the vet and he was put down. Angel Grieved along side me she became grumpy no longer wanting to play. She was eating and sleeping fine. I thought she was just grieving. The vet agreed we were wrong. One day Angel just snapped she bit Becketts head causing her to loose the eye. When that happened I had the vet run some tests it turned out Angel had Cancer in her bones we decided to put her down rather then prolonging her suffering. Along with the safety of the kids if she would atack becket for no reason she could lash out and hurt someone again. Loosing Angel was hard it brought back all the Grief of loosing Guardian. It also made me feel guilty because I'm not grieving for Angel the way I did and am Guardian.
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