I don't know what to say. Everyday I wakeup I think of the last time I saw him. I try not to remember the last few moments or the cold room at the vets. I try to remember the last 15 years and how he was always there. Guardian was the kindest person human or k9 I have ever known. He helped raise are kids always there with unlimited patients. I got Guardian a lab husky wolf cross when I was five months pregnant. My husband and I were having problems. A friend gave me a puppy trying to cheer me up he was a black ball of fir. She neglected to mention the wolf in him. Thank god she did ,or I never would have taken him at that point. I was prejudice about wolf dogs like many dog owners. plus being pregnant there was no way I would have taken him had I know. For six months Guardian was my only support at one of the hardest times of my life he was so smart and sweet midnight pregnancy cravings turned into Dairy Queen runs for bannan splits and puppy cones. Once the baby came he even helped he would fetch the wipe box when asked and often times curled at my side supporting my arm as a breastfed the baby. There are pictures of Guardian when are boys were young the dog curled around are youngest as he sleeps the oldest watching cartoons from his back. As are kids grew so did Guardian he had a wicked sence of humor. One of his favorite games was scare the UPS man he would watch out the window from behind the curtain so he couldn't be seen and wait for them to be leaving even if they rang the bell he was quite just as the turned to go he would bark as loud as he could as if he was screaming boo they of course would jump and run thinking the dogs of hell we're after them. He would walk away laughing. Guardian hated to play with toys however any time the boys got a ball he would walk up and all casual like and then reach out and pop. Once are land lord was suppose to come fix the sink while we were gone we locked Guardian in are room while we were gone when we came home we let him out and every thing looked fine then my foot brushed something strange there was a small bare spot by the door at closer inspection there was a large bare spot that had been carefully covered he had tryed to dig out and the he carefully put back the shredded carpet piece by piece. He also did this with grass and his w hole in the yard filled with pilferd socks bones and other odds and ends. Years later Guardian let him self out of the yard and got hit by a car, breaking both hips skinning one leg ad collapsing a lung. Even that injured he tryed to walk he screamed once and never offered to bite not once on the way to the ER vet he was trying to comfort me and still managed to wag his tail six weeks and two surgeries he became the favorite patient. Never having to be mussled or drugged to be worked with.It took three months for him to be able to walk again and a year before he could climb stairs again. Unfortunately he was never able to run again and the last seven years of his life he had some pain needing aspirin, and the occasionall oxycodone. This last year has bin hard his pain got worse and he lost his sight the last week of his life he needed to be carried up the stairs as his legs failed him and then came the day they stopped working all together and I had to call the vet I held Guardian on my lap wrapped in his favorite quilt and carried my beloved friend into the exam room they placed the iv and I held his head as the injected him it was so quick he did not even shut his eyes he died staring into mine . that was April 28 at 445 pm. We have other dogs a border Aussie his wife named angel and the chi weenie Becket that they adopted his wife Angel grief seems just as bad as mine she has lost wait and has taken to carrying one of her stuffed toys every where she goes.
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What a beautiful story of Guardian! What a special dog. I love how he carefully tried to cover the bare spot on the rug. He sounds very smart but also very loyal and lots of fun. Such a shame that he was hit by a car but he was certainly a trooper. I think it's wonderful that you were right there with Guardian as he passed away. You definitely gave him a beautiful life and death. I'm so sorry for your terrible loss. I know it is just so painful! It sounds like Angel is having a hard time too so perhaps some extra time with her as. Your other dogs would benefit you all. We tend to withdraw but this is the time to really let your other dogs, especially Angel, know how loved they are and let them show you how much they love you also. It may surprise you how much they will want for you to be okay. I know Guardian was so very special and of course you need to mourn his loss but try and remember that he will always live in your heart and someday you will meet again. Please take care and many hugs to you,
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