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Thank you for your kind words. Being a part of this forum definitely helps. The people here have all lost four legged friends and understand the pain of loss. I have had "friends" tell me, get over it, it was just a dog, they are no longer my friends.
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Sorry to say, but I don't think it ever goes away
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LaGata, I believe you are correct. It hurts as much today as it did 3 months ago. Every time I look at her photos, I break down crying.
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i know little over 3 months. I cant talk about him without balling. I miss him so much!!! We found another puppy a week after and it helped because we were so sad. She helps but he will always be so close to my heart!! Hugs to you guys too!!! 
Kelly garrett
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I don't think there is any time limit on our grief.  From what I have read, it can last months and still there will be episodes of grief periodically even later.  If someone told me that it would be 6 months, then at least I would have a date to look forward to.  I expect we have to grieve until we finally wake up and can keep our minds occupied with something else.  Right now, it is consuming me wholly to the point that I am thinking of little else.  It's been 3 days since Coco left me and I spent the entire day crying and fighting to keep from it.  Perhaps in consoling one another, we can learn to deal with it in time.  I just don't know.
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Your right. But at least it so doesnt consume my day anymore. But i want to think about him without tears, that too shall come in time.
Kelly garrett
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Dear Curt....
Your dear Julie has the most lovely face. Bless her Soul.

I am so sorry for your loss of Julie. I have a special soft spot for Border Collies.

Two weeks is very little time since the loss of someone you love very much and who has been your 24/7 companion.

Grieving them is very painful. We want it to end because we can't bear the pain we are in.
But grieving isn't like getting "sick" with the flu. It's not somethjing that hits us hard and then in a week or two we are getting over it.
Grief is a process. It takes a while to slowly change shape into a gentler form of "mourning." As time goes by we find it slightly easier to live with, but may still have complete meltdowns at unexpected moments (and particularly if awake in the middle of the night. Or at holiday times, birthdays etc.)
But we do grow more used to them not being here.
It's 8 years since my girl left. I have been able to get on with life, but even now, might have times when tears come to my eyes. I admit that. I love my girl and always will, and always miss her very much.
But the acute agony ....yes that has eased.

There is no time format for this. You have to go with this every step of the way, and your own way of grieving is the "right" way. It doesn't necessarily need medicating and it isn't pathological or unnatural. It's your own process.

If you still find you cry sometimes for missing Julie in ....ten years time, then that is okay. I still cry sometimes for missing my Misty.

2 weeks is no time. You must be so sad right now.

The only good thing is that they left us a legacy of Love. They taught us something, and how to be better people.

And....I will add that my Misty also taught me that there IS a life after death -for all of us - and that she is safe, well and her love lives on. I still miss her anyway, of course. But I discovered that our Love can reach them.
Also it does appear that my girl is "waiting" for me , as now and again, I sense her presence, and know she has just dashed back to keep an eye on me.

That doesn't stop us crying sometimes, but it helps.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

Misty's Blog..a Dogfight with Cancer

Misty's life after death:
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