Its been 10 days since my beautiful Jack passed over to the Rainbow Bridge. My heart is still breaking and emotions are raw but today isn't about me.

Our other gorgeous baby, Gypsy is grieving badly. When Jack passed over, poor Gypsy was recovering from an eye operation and had a bucket on her head etc so she was quiet. However a week after having her stitches out and the bucket removed she is still very unhappy and I cannot get her to engage in things she used to enjoy. Every night after dinner Jack would drag his blanket out and roll around on it while Gypsy would raid the toybox and toss various toys around and the two would play tug o war. Gypsy has not touched her toys and doesn't show any interest in them at all. We've managed to get her to half heartedly chase a ball but thats it. She no longer follows me everywhere like she used to, prefering to just sit on "their" chair. I've given her extra cuddles and talk to her all the time.

My heart is breaking for poor Gypsy. She obviously is grieving and I don't know how to help her 😢
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Im so sorry about your Jack :-( I think just like people, our pets can take time to adjust to a new normal, and it may feel a bit uncomfortable as I think animals like to have routine. All you can do is give gypsy lots of love as you have been and take it day by day. Before you know it gypsy will be more herself again :-)
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I have littermates I delivered. Two of my girls have been inseparable since their first breath. There were 6 and I called them my 6 pack. We rotate who sleeps with mommy. We do twos and also everyone gets one on one with me. I had my little Bella with me and she was fine. At about 2:45 am she woke me and was bizarrely unconscious. I raced her to the emergency hospital. By 3:30 am she was gone. I walked in the house at 5:30am and they knew already. Her sister was a grieving mess. I kept her with me alone and for 3 hours she wandered around sniffing and searching for Bella. She vomited 7 times. By that time we were on the way to my Vet. She had grieved herself sick and was hospitalized for 12 hours. Two hours after picking her up and bringing her home 2 of her brothers were also grieving and ill. They were hospitalized the next morning. It was an awful 30 hours. Our babies grieve. My one baby girl who was completely attached to her sister very slowly began to come back. I spent extra time with her. She has become my little Velcro girl. She is still getting better each day but her personality has changed a bit. I spend lots of time with her just loving her. Love works wonders. I am sorry for your loss and for both of your grief. I am always here for you.
Susan (heartsick)
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