I lost my Ozzie just a little over 3 weeks now and my heart will forever be challenged and broken he is the love of my life my first dog and the best loyal friend and companion this girl has ever had this loss is the first and worse I have encounter in life thus far and dealing with the aftermath has been tough and will be for a long time I found this article and read through them and I can relate to a majority of them and it was helpful I want to share this with you all in the forum i hope you read them..there will always be a few pieces missing from your heart I know my heart is in pieces and I do my best everyday just to get by .....i miss and love you to the moon my Ozzie


Not sure how to post a website on here so I hope it works or everyone can find it.

Wishing everyone peace and hugs

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Your little boy is so handsome! I lost my boy William over a month ago. Some days the pain and empty feelings are so overwhelming. It's hard enough to go through this and then have to sometimes answer to people that just don't understand.
Our pets were our children. Some people think they are saying the right things and some don't acknowledge our pain at all.
It feels like a very lonely journey somedays.

I'm so glad you posted this. It is so helpful in understanding the process. It also gives us suggestions to handle some of the relationships we struggle with during our time of pain.

Thank you so much for sharing this.
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