My husband and I lost our beautiful Devon rex only four days ago. It was so sudden and unexpected. We both are suffering with immense grief and we are inconsolable. "Chester" was nothing short of perfection. He shared his love and was just so giving. What makes this even more difficult is that, not only am I Chester's mum, but I was also his vet. I took him to my hospital on Thursday of last week because of an enlarged lymph node in his neck. When I palpated his abdomen I felt a mass. My heart sank! Radiographs and ultrasound confirmed. Abdominal surgery was performed the next morning. It was an intestinal mass. My father, also a veterinarian and board certified pathologist, and I removed the mass successfully, sutured the small intestine to the large intestine and closed him up. But, then came the cruel twist of fate. Chester stopped breathing. We just couldn't bring him back! Our baby left us! The utter devastation I felt at that moment is indescribable! To the cat lady with her "Leeloo?, I get it! I know just how you feel! Chester was the most amazing boy! The bond we shared is like no other! I told him everyday, multiple times, that I loved him more than life! Going to work is very difficult, having to put on a brave face for my clients and patients. But going home to a "chesterless" house is a million times worse! Our hearts are shattered! We can't imagine our lives without him! I sleep with his blanket and pray each night that he'll come to me. I tell him how sorry I am for failing him. He had just had a complete exam, blood work and was at a dental specialist just 4-5 months earlier! He was eating and drinking normally with no vomiting, diarrhea or weight loss up until the end! Why?! I just keep asking myself, why?! It's just not fair!
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Please accept my deepest condolences on the passing of your beloved Chester.
You did your very best for him, we can do no more.
I can understand how hard it is to put on a brave face with your

I just today had my precious dog Danny euthanized and couldn't stop weeping and my vet
told me he had had to pts his own dog only 6 weeks ago, yet he had so much
compassion for me and my dog.   His bravery and kindness helped me through this
most awful of times. 

Blessings to you,

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I'm sorry that you lost Chester so suddenly.  We're never ready to say goodbye to our babies and its a hard task to be forced to live a new normal that they are not part of.   While it may not help much right now, reminding yourself of how much attention you gave him and how much loved you shared, it will help over time.  It will be 5 weeks tomorrow that I told my Charlie goodbye and it now gives me a bit of comfort to think of all the times he put a smile on my face and that I showered him with as much attention as I could.  Chester sounds like such a lovely boy and again, I'm sorry for your loss,

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Thank you for your kind words Kate and Tammy. I'm sorry for your losses, Danny and Charlie respectively, as well. I will be receiving Chester's pathology results tomorrow and I'm nervous. My husband and I remain absolutely devastated. My husband is able to feel Chester's presence and I find that to be very comforting. Unfortunately, I'm not as receptive, but I know Chester is with us. I continue to feel guilt over not knowing that Chester was sick and keep asking myself, "What if?" I love and miss him so much!
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