I loss my Mitsu of 7.5 years due to sudden heart attack a week ago on May 5th 2016. It was such a traumatic night that night. I was getting my toddler back to bed after a bad dream and it was close to midnight, so my husband was taking the dog out for a pee. I was called to go downstairs after they came in from their walk. I went down and he was laying down sideways and having shallowed breathing. I went to him and kept calling his name but he seemed like he was drifting in and out of consciousness. The next min I know he was getting limp and weak and his breathing was deeper and slower. We quickly grabbed our car key and as I waited in the garage to get inside the car holding him I felt him breathing slower and slower. He had a heart attack after his walk. As we drove away from our block he took his last breath in my arms. We took him to the emergency 24 hr vet and their the vet told me he was gone. I got really really lost and they were talking about cremation and things like that. I was asked to whether to take back his ashes or not and I actually said no, maybe because I was in denial? And now I realized that I had made the wrong decision on that part and I keep hating myself for it. I have all of his belongings like collar bed food and water tray etc but I did not get his ashes back. I feel so terrible!!
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Hi Bebez,
It is so very sad that Mitsu passed but it was so good that he could be in your arms - right where he would have wanted to be and in time you will take comfort from that. So difficult for you though, I know! My Bailey had his head in my hand when the vet put in that last injection and I felt him let go.
We did get Bailey cremated and have his urn but I want to share something someone said to me: that the urn (ashes) are not him. His spirit is what made him and it's so true and I do know that his spirit still goes on. Your Mitsu knew how loved he was and that is the wonderful gift that you and your family gave to him. Please try not to worry about the ashes. You can do other things like a wonderful scrapbook of Mitsu to have as a tribute to him. I am still working on one for Bailey and I find that it makes me feel close to him.
I am so very sorry for your loss!
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Bebez~ I am very sorry to read about Mitsu. May 5th must still feel like a bad dream. You were helping your toddler get back to bed after a bad dream and then you were living one with Mitsu. Awful. As MJ said, he was right there with you both and in your arms when he passed. Please try to take it day to day.

As for the cremation, I did the same thing. Wasn't sure what was going to happen when I brought my Lucy to my vet. After talking with her, crying with her, I decided to take Lucy's pain. Cried non-stop so when they asked me about cremation, I just quickly said 'group'. I didn't even grasp what the tech. was asking me. It bothered me for a time. But now it's 'ok'. While I would like to have her ashes,  I just keep talking to her. When I ask for/get a sign-- something that makes me feel or know that Lucy is healthy & happy, it helps.  Mitsu will be with you as he is a part of your heart. Everyone here understands the pain you are feeling because we are all missing our babies. The pain can be wicked, intense. Please come here often. It helps.
Hugs, Kasey
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hi so sorry for your Mitsu, you are grieving and I am sure you are in alot of pain that may never feel will go away. Your baby was with you to the very last moment, the very last thought, the very last view, that is what is important. Loved til the end.

As for the ashes, as MJ said, it is true.....the spirit still goes have his collar, bed etc keep them for a keepsake to remind you of the love you shared, and please don't put guilt or blame on yourself, even though I think we all do that. And as Kasey said, talk to your baby Mitsu, I do this all the time since i lost my baby Munki 5 months ago on Dec 3rd, i want to keep her memory alive and know that I love her.

Please know you are not alone


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Bebez I am so very sorry for your loss.  I know how stressful it is going through what you went through.  None of us is thinking clearly at a time like that.  You have all of Mitsu's belongings.  Treasure them like you would treasure his ashes.  Blessings  Sue
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Bebez, I agree with everything that`s been said, Mitsu`s spirit is alive in your heart and in your memory.    So much ig going on when we`re at the vets after losing our babies, and it is so hard to take everything in that`s being said to us.    As MJ say`s, you could start a scrapbook, or a journal  -  I started writing a journal the first few days after losing my dog Jim 5 months ago. and I still write in it each day - memories and poems, I even write to Jim about silly everyday things.   And you have Mitsu`s belongings to keep. 
                                                         Take care, Jackie
J Taylor
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