Hi everyone,

My beloved dog , Ralphie passed away 5/27/17.  He was between 14 and 15 years old and he died of a sudden respiratory issue.   Enlarged heart, fluid in lungs were found.  He was quite active and seemingly healthy before he passed which contributes to my difficulty accepting his passing. 

I am having such a hard time coping even with family and friend support and pet bereavement therapy. 

How has everyone coped with losing a beloved pet?  I find it so difficult to do the simplest things which makes work so difficult.  Does this pain ever end ?

I'm also going through other things such as a high-stress job and a housing move which is tapping my coping resources :(
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I can't say that I have an answer, but I can say that I feel what you are going through, and I'm right there too. Lost my beloved 2 year old dog Annie a week ago, the day before my birthday, suddenly and without explanation. Since then I just feel gutted, can't explain it any other way. Having a really hard time accepting it. She was healthy and active too. I don't know what to say that can help you, other than I feel for you and wish you strength through this. Sending a good thought your way.
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RalphiesMom - 

Sudden losses are devastating. I am so sorry for the pain and grief you are experiencing, there are no short cuts and I'm glad you are seeking help from your family and friends and the pet bereavement group. My little China died unexpectedly from enlarged heart/fluid on the lungs also. I happened so fast, in a matter of hours. The first month I could do nothing, just cry, amble around. All the routines were gone, nothing seemed right or normal. I lost weight, sleep and became very worried about myself. Over time, I've been able to function more, but the grief lingers along with the tears. I will never be the same again but I try my best to remember the lessons China taught me while she was here, to live every day, to love everyone, to be compassionate. I don't know what I will be like a year or two or three from now, I just know I will forever hold her in my heart, and I'm sure Ralphie would want you to remember the good times, the love. He will always be with you, his spirit will live in your heart and mind forever until you reunite. Blessings to you.
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Thank you all for the supportive words,

Ralphie was a true heart dog , really a once in a lifetime dog.   I'm still traumatized by the suddenness of his passing, it was totally unexpected. I feel I am focusing too much on the last few days of his life and feeling guilty about not catching signs earlier, not spending more time with him in his last month due to work etc...

It's going to take a while to process this grief, I hope to hear more from those who have made it through on the other side of the intense grief.  
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Ralphie's Mom,

I can deeply relate to what you are living through with your loss of Ralphie. 

I lost my 1st dog in the 1980's to a sudden respiratory crisis. She was a younger dog and the vet tried for hours to save her life in surgery. But she died. I was heartbroken, as you are. I understand this type of loss and its pain. Similar to Ralphie, there was no warning, no symptoms before, just a huge life threatening crisis, that I was not ready for. Especially with a very healthy young dog. That dog, my Midnight, was taken from me. Stolen from me. It did not matter how much I loved her, or how wonderful she was, but fate or God or [insert what your comfortable with] took her from me. 

"How has everyone coped with losing a beloved pet?" you asked. You can read many posts here at the forum from many, many people to help yourself. Or you can click on my TashasDad profile and then read many of my posts to learn how I have been "coping" with my loss of my beloved dog Tasha in April. Each loss is very personal. All of our losses and experiences are subjective/personal, and may be very different from yours, or very similar.  Only you will know. But all of us have lost a deeply beloved pet. I believe you will relate to and understand most of us much better than you wish was true. By that, I mean you of course do not want to be mourning for, missing, grieving, your beloved pet Ralphie. 

I went to 2 sessions of therapy for help with the loss of my beloved dog. I will likely go for more. It is just so hard to understand fully and let go fully. I am sorry, but I understand and most of us here understand why you are having a "hard time coping". 

Yes, the pain will and does lessen. It does stay with us for a while or a long time, depending upon our circumstances, our bond with our pet, and many more realities. 

My wife and I are preparing for and dealing with a housing move soon also, like you. It is so difficult for me to prepare my home for sale and plan everything out to move. Because I loved my dog so deeply and we lived here together in seemingly perfect love together in this house, and for 10 years. I understand. My wife encourages me to cry when I need to, to take some very deep breaths and to meditate, and then to continue to move forward with the rest of our lives. She means well, is very loving towards me and Tasha, and our loss of her. I hope you understand most of what I am saying. And that most of my words are helpful to you. 

Tasha's Dad
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Thank you Tasha's Dad,  I can tell you had a deep bond with your beloved Tasha as I did with Ralphie  :( 

I'm having a rough time reconciling the fact that I will never see Ralphie again in this lifetime at least.  I know I will need to accept it at some point, but it's tough :(    Even though he was between 14-15 years old, I only had 10 years with him as he was rescued and had 4 different homes before I was blessed to have him when he was btw. 4- 5 years old. 

I'm glad to hear it does get better- it is so tough to get through the day at work and then go home to an empty house.   The move is a double-edged sword,  my home is  full of triggers that make me sad, but it is also full of happy memories of Ralphie.   

Thank you for sharing, hope to get on the other side of all this grief.
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I had to put my dog Winston down 3/2/16.  It is now a year and a half, and I still grieve.  Though it has gotten a little better.  My grief has lessened, but his memory, his face, his smell, his nature and my intense love for him, will never  ever be forgotten.  R.I.P. My Love   Mommy XOXOXO
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After having lost one of my best friends whom I was very near to (seven weeks ago tonight), I'm not sure it is possible to completely get over losing a family pet.....a pet that was involved in nearly every aspect of our daily lives.   The house is so empty without her.   When getting up in the morning or coming home from work at night, I still look for my Laika coming to greet me.   Realizing this ain't no dream, I do my best to cope from day to day.  It is very depressing to say the least.   Broken hearts don't always mend.   Either way, you find the drive to carry on hoping to see Laika on the other side.   There is nothing anyone can say to change the situation and it is just one of those things in life you have to learn to live with.  Yes, I can get another pet, but it ain't the same pet.  
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