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I am glad that you found the book helpful. I followed many of his suggestions and found it therapeutic.
So nice to hear that your visit was peaceful ; your writing paints a serene, beautiful picture.
My heart is aching for you.
Wishing you peace tonight across the miles.
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Erini wrote:
Hello Roberts mom, Truly this forum has been a life saver, I have just taken a look at Robert, what a beautiful boy. As you said, we wait until the day we will be with them again, Right now my world has stopped, and it's so difficult for people to understand the depth of my grief. May we both find strength. Sincerely Erini

That is certainly what life feels like for me right now. I know my journey must go on, but from here it feels like just waiting until I can see my baby boy again. I wish you light and strength.
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Erini wrote:
Hi CB,

We are all on this long and difficult road together, at least now I know I am not alone, thank you for your kind words, it means so much to me. Also knowing that everything I am feeling is normal gives me such a sense of relief. So true what you said about..... If I just waited another weekend or another day, I just wanted to hold her a little longer, to smell that beautiful smell a little longer, to just have her here with me a day longer...... But it would have been selfish and wrong, so I had to let her go, even though my heart is now broken, I know she is now at peace.... And as I saw her lying comfortably in her little carrier for the last time.... I knew that her suffering was over.

I will most certainly find comfort in talking to her and reading other people's posts.

Again many thanks.


Hi Erini

I hope you are gaining some comfort as each day passes.
The road is long and hard and yet we are never alone while we take each hard and difficult step. We all feel the distance ahead and the seemingly endless grief. Yet I truly believe that the comfort of knowing our loved ones live on in a better place keeps us upright even when we would rather fall down.
It is heartbreaking to let them go but as you say their suffering is over.

Thinking of you and wishing you peace.
Love you forever and ever and I will be there for you xx
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Hi Erini,
I am just catching up on some posts and came across your post and Lulu.  The story of how she came into your life had me in tears, it is so very similar to how I found my Little Man who I lost on 10/1.  He too was abused, healed broken bones, he cowered for months and hid from my husband and I.  Then he started to love and all he had to do was look at us and I knew he was our soul dog.  He didn't give kisses, barely wagged his tail and was never excited, but I still felt his love every single day.  I am so sorry that you are going through this, I remember the early phases of losing Little Man, I was so sick and in such shock that all I did was walk around like a zombie.  Lulu has so many wonderful new friends now at the bridge and although you can't physically see her she will always be with you.
Hugs to you and Lulu
Ann and Little Man.
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Hello Ann

Thank you so much for writing to me, it is so comforting to know how many people understand what we are all going through, the thought of Little Man and Lulu together, with all their other friends, gives me such as sense of relief.

Truly these past 10 days have been excruciating, but I am continuously trying to have positive thoughts and remember all the countless beautiful moments.

With hugs from this side too
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My baby girl..... I miss you so much, we visited your grave yesterday, and then went to the little church nearby and lit a candle for you and all your new friends. My sweet Lulu, you cannot imagine how empty the house is without you. I miss our daily walks, I miss cuddling and snuggling with you, I love you Lulu mou, mommy loves you, x
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