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So sorry for your loss. Merlin was beautiful.We all know what you are going through. I hope you find some peace.
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Today has been 1 week since Merlin crossed the Rainbow Bridge. It is also the day that I received a card in the mail from the Vets with Merlin's inked paw print on it, and the phone call telling me that his ashes and urn are available to pick up. Another thing is that today, Gemini, his brother, has been wailing and looking everywhere for Merlin.  It is breaking my heart, because although Gemini has been missing Merlin, it is today that he seems to be taking it really hard. I am crying for both Merlin being gone, and Gemini missing him. It has been a difficult day so far. I think though, that last night, Merlin slept in the bed with me, because I spoke out to him and asked him and Phantom, and my Dog Rafferty to please visit me. For that time before falling asleep, I felt some comfort in knowing that some of them came to see me.
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many healing vibes
don't do too much and be kind to yourself.
when fuzzy was to sick to continue I let her go and her brother called out for her for a few weeks,  broke my heart constantly, so I tried to spend every waking moment with him,  but with work he still spent too much time alone.  we consoled each other and it helped so much, but now that he is gone and my husband returning to work, it will be the first time in 18 years, i will be truly alone and it's gonna suck big time. Sure I'll have things to do here and there, but that unconditional love was an addiction.
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