After being up all night with my sick boy Sunday into Monday, Georgie went to Rainbow Bridge yesterday morning. In addition to all of the emotions I was feeling, I was physically exhausted. This is on the heels of making the decision to assist our sweet kitty BK to the Bridge last week. More than anything, I just want the pain to be at least manageable, and that's not going to happen without me helping myself. I know it's going to take time. I know I need to grieve. I believe that what I do with that time is most important. 

I don't feel good today, but I'm not sobbing at the moment, and that's better than yesterday. I know everyone grieves in their own way, in their own time, but here are some things I did: 

- Not taking care of myself isn't going to help me get through my grief, but I didn't feel like eating, so I made sure to drink liquids with a lot of electrolytes to avoid deydration. 

- I reached out for the support of friends who'd lost pets. I shared memories of Georgie and asked how they coped.

- I searched the Internet for ways to honor Georgie and sought information and suggestions about grief and grieving. There are tons of great resources that don't minimize it and some which even talk about how much greater it can be than the loss of people we know.

- I started planning a memories journal. I'm going spend the time I'd normally spend with Georgie writing about him in that journal.

- I gathered all my photos and videos of him from various albums on my phone and moved them into one folder. I have 821 just on my phone! 😉  They made me cry, and I didn't hold back, but they made me smile too. Next I'll go through all those I have on my computer.

- I found a 'safe' place to express my emotions -- here -- and then I participated in the Candle Ceremony last night and lit candles for my little guy. 

- I took something to help me sleep so, if nothing else, I'd be well rested today. Exhaustion amplifies all of the negative emotions for me.

- I started taking natural supplements to help reduce depression and reduce cortisol (produced by the body when we're stressed).

I looked for a thread here that was dedicated to grief and coping strategies people had tried and I don't see one. (If I missed it, might someone share the link?) 

If you have suggestions, please share.

Wishing everyone peace in their time of grieving. <3

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I am so sorry for what you have been through just over the last week, it must be so difficult. Your list of things you are doing is so helpful to people who are going through this grieving process, no matter what stage they may be in. There are tips scattered throughout the forum, on the mail grief support page there are several topics that may help someone who lost a little fur angel. I think you are doing all the things that are mentioned the most, I hope it helps. You have my sincere blessings and prayers for peace and comfort.
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Thank you, Chinadoll. I'm sorry you're going through a loss, too.  We had a mindset with our sweet BK. It wasn't easy, but he lived well for much longer than was diagnosed and we knew he was ready. We had mentally prepared ourselves for the day. We were down, but not out. Loosing Georgie right now was like a 1-2 punch. This group here, just reading that they're going through things similar, is helpful. My hope with this post was to maybe gather a list people could refer to, in addition to those things listed here on the site or on other sites. 
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I am so sorry for your loss I lost my boy of 18 years, Smokey on 1/18/18. I'm devastated, heartbroken and lost. I have depression and sadness. May I ask what you are taking for that? You said you were using naturals for the cortisol. If you don't mind sharing. I could use something .
Smokeys mom
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I'm so sorry, Smokey. I empathize with your feelings. I've always struggled with big losses like this and didn't want to use typical drugs. I was using natural remedies in conjunction with traditional medicine for both our fur babies, plus my daughter uses organic health-related foods, minerals, and such for her dogs. I've taken various supplements for years, as well. So I had some background already. I researched Ashwagandha and Rhodiola and am taking both now. I do feel like they've helped me cope and reduced my stress levels. I'm still sad, but coping better.

As with any new vitamin, supplement, minerals, etc. I recommend talking with your own physician, especially if you're talking other medications (OTC and/or prescription) before taking anything. I'm not a medical professional.

Another thing that's helped me is having a few 'safe' people to talk with. People who wouldn't minimize my loss. I absolutely recommend it.

My schedule is completely changed. That's been difficult too. I often start to do things that don't need to be done anymore. When that happens, I pause, and say a little prayer.

Again, I'm so sorry you're in pain. <3

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