My 12 year old dog just got DX'd with this via a pathology exam of excised tissue.

I know that surgery is recommended. Wanting to hear about personal experiences if any have dealt with this type of cancer.

Did you do you surgery? Outcome?

Did you pair it with radiation?

Did you do nothing? Outcome?

Did you go to a canine oncology specialist or your regular vet?

Any other treatments out there for this type of cancer, such as immunotherapy? Clinical trials?

Thank you for your perspectives!
Karin Sherbin
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Dear Karin,

My dog died as a result of cancer but it wasn't this kind of cancer so I’m sorry I can’t give too much advice.

I commend you for wanting to know about the options from others beside your vet. I’m not sure if your dog is small or a larger dog. I do know that size makes a difference with age and as your dog is 12 you’ll want to be very sure before putting him through anything that could cause him more pain than he is already feeling. I’m sure you already know that and that’s why you’re checking things out so thoroughly.
Other than that, I can only wish you luck and tell you I’m very, very sorry your beloved dog is ill.

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