We had a cat named gacie for over 20 years. Her teeth were bad for sometime and had trouble eating.  I took her to the vet just to get her checked out and gets meds and bring her home.  The vet said alot of her teeth going bad and it would $1,000.00 excluding the cost of the visit. Didn't have the money so they suggested she be put to sleep. My daughter begged to sleep on it. She didn't want to do it now. Based on what info I had including her weight of 5 pounds and not using litter box and not grooming I chose to put her  to sleep with really thinking clearly. That was may 7. I've had pets die and run away but I've never had a cat that long and I am having troubles getting past this.

This is her house. Her marks are everywhere hair scratched wood. she owned this neighborhood and grew up with my girls. I am second guessing now and everything in me says it was wrong. I buried her in the back with flowers and cross with angel. I've been crying all week and pacing around the house. I just need to know where her soul went and is she ok. I am getting conflicting information about animals and the afterlife. I read about the animal kingdom and a bridge that if you real close they will be waiting for you. I don't feel her here and my other cat doesn't sense anything. I read where cats are sensitive to the surroundings. any change or other pets will stress them out. She did spend alot of time outside and I feel as if she felt like she was pushed away. I should have taken her to the vet alot sooner but didn't. now its eating me up.

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Im so sorry. I posted just a little while about having to put my dog, Max to sleep yesterday. It was the hardest thing Ive ever done. The grief is so bad. 
Rose collins
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