I tried posting this yesterday but it didn't show up. So here I go again. I have a 10 year old border/keyshaund mix and she has kidney disease. it seems we got it to slow down in December with weekly infushions but her breath is so horrible and she pukes all the time. After going to the vet to see if she has a blockage, we got meds for a possible stomach ulcer but she won't eat and barely eats. We can't get the pills in her without force and don't want to do that. She's slowed down over the last year with the disease but since this past Thursday, she's been almost in bed 24/7.  We finally made the decision to send her to rainbow bridge tomorrow morning. she's breathing fast, closes her eyes and winces when we pet her. I want to fight and get the pills in her to get past the stomach ulcer and pick up with more infushions as she was "okay" before this Thursday but I doubt we can succeed. So we say goodbye tomorrow morning and cremate her in the afternoon (wish I can bury but that's not a great option so we have little choice to cremate her). I'm just devastated and this weekend has been terrible as we wait for Monday. This is so hard and I'm a basket case. We wish we got more than 10 years. so sad.
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I am so sorry for your loss...and yes, we all wish we could have more time, whether its a day, week, month or even years. You are doing the right thing for your baby, setting her free from the pain. Please know you are not alone & gave your dog so much love for the 10 years..keep posting it truly helps!


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So sorry for your pain and loss.  Everyone here know exactly how you feel.  You are doing what is best for your baby.  We can't let them suffer, they give so much unconditional love, they deserve the best.  Thinking of you, sending you hugs and someone is always here to chat with if you need it.  I lost my baby 6 weeks ago, a little Beagle just turning 14 and she was my whole life. 
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