It's been 2 weeks today since we said goodbye. My heart still aches, and many tears I cry. I once had a beautiful dog laying by my side, now all I have is his ashes. It still doesn't feel real at times. It all happened so fast. I just wish I knew he was sick a few years ago and maybe we could of done something before it spread. How can you be so close to a dog and spend 24/7 with him, and not pickup on the fact that he has cancer! We had yearly checkup, blood work done. I made them homemade food and treats. I thought I was doing everything the right way. I just don't get it. If only they could tell us what is wrong.
Goodnight my sweet boy, mommy loves you, xo
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Hi Nelsonsmom
The anniversary of there passing seems to hit the heart harder , i know
It doesn't feel real at times for me still as if I cannot get into my head that this really is it .
My parents dog bobo had cancer for a while and they also had no idea he acted normal untill his last few days then it was to late and he had to put to sleep. I think animals are very skilled at hiding pain or sickness they are very strong compared to us.
I'm sorry you lost your sweet boy may he rest in peace restored back to full health while he waits for you to join him " for ever.
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My precious Punky(16 year old kitty) passed Dec 19 2012 and my baby Joejoe (17 year old Chihuahua) passed July 11 2013. I still cry for my babies at times but now I can have the happy memories without the tears. Time will pass and the tears will be less and less. Allow yourself all the time you need.
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I'm so sorry. You are not alone.
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