Dear Jack
I remember vividly the day I first saw you. I was waiting at the vet to send my beautiful Blue Heeler, Jessica to a better place. You were there, only a few weeks old in cage on the counter. I ignored you that day, my heart was breaking and even when Jessica plodded over looking at you then back at me I still didn't understand. Fast forward a week and your dad made a trip to the vet with our cat Trevor. When he sent me your photo and a text saying you had to be homed that day or you'd have to be put to sleep I knew - Jessica chose you to heal our hearts!

Well Jack, you succeeded! In every way. Even though you were plagued with problems we never once regretted bringing you home. You indeed helped us heal, you made us smile, you made us laugh, you gave us hugs and kisses and unconditional love.

Thank you Jack for a wonderful, beautiful, love filled 10 years. Again my heart is breaking with losing you today, but I hope you understand and forgive me for the decision I had to make. No more arthritis, no more tummy pain and no more struggles.

Run free my sweet puppy. My bozo, my beautiful boy, my little Jacaranda. I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge. Until then, please know how much you are loved and cherished and tell Jessica you excelled at the job she chose you to do.

I love you Jack

Mum xxxooo

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Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing. It reminded me of when I got my beautiful Coco - who I just had to PTS yesterday. I was at the humane society looking for a cat. I had always been a cat person. As I was looking I kept passing this dog kennel/cage. And this little terrier mix puppy kept barking at me. I'd walk by and she'd bark. I'd walk the other way and she'd try and get my attention again. Finally I said - can I see her? My ex-wife was shocked. You want a dog? Maybe, I said. Well we went to the little room and I petted her and played with her. She was adorable of course. Then she ran around me three times and plopped in my lap. That was it. Coco came home. She chose me. And I was so grateful she did. She was like a guardian angel for me. I was going through some bad times in my life (bad marriage, etc) and having her there, my very special friend got me through it all. When I divorced - having her there made me know the world was okay. I loved her more than anyone. It was the hardest decision of my life to have to put her to sleep but it had to be done. But we shared 7 wonderful loving years. I will miss her forever and never forget the bond and love we shared. Coco I love you.
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Hi Jacksmum,
Your post was so sad but also so beautiful! Such a sweet story of loss and new beginnings and a wonderful lifetime of love for / and with your precious Jack. I'm sure you are right and Jessica is quite proud of how she engineered this beautiful soul to come into your lives and heal your broken hearts. You saved Jack that day and he turned around and saved you. Now you have two angel dogs to at watch over you until the day comes when you are all reunited again. 🌟🌟
Hugs, MJ
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