Raja was my first pet, he was supposed to turn 2 in October, he was my soulmate, my little cockapoo best friend that I did everything with. 

Last Wednesday, we went for our normal 5pm walk, 3 houses down, he collapsed and died in my arms. To say this is so hard is an understatement. I've personally never grieved for anyone in my life, the tears still flow as I'm typing this. I had planned the next 15 years years with Raja, he was there when I got married last year, we had so many adventures together. I'm coming to peace with him leaving, hoping he'll come back as my future kid. 

How did you guys deal with the silence in the house? I find any reason to try to leave, go for walks or drives just so I don't have to be home. 

I love you and miss you Raja, I'd do anything to see you again. 
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I’m so sorry for your loss.  My beloved Cockapoo Pecan passed away Unexpectedly almost 12 weeks ago.  She was only 9 and I did plan 15-20 years with her as well.  She was with me 24/7, she was my soulmate my best friend and we did everything together.  She was so kind  loyal and beautiful. She was just perfect and loved me unconditionally and I adored her. We all did.  She was happy and healthy all her life.  She wasn’t herself (just tired and low energy) around 6:30pm and passed away at 4am as soon as we rushed her to the emergency.  We don’t know the exact cause but they said either stroke, heart attack or aneurysm. I still can’t believe she’s gone.  I couldn’t eat, sleep or leave the bed for the first 3 weeks.  Since her passing was sudden I blamed myself for not seeing the signs sooner, not taking her to the vet more often, so many I should have, I could have, if only, what ifs.... now almost 12 weeks later I can get up, do my day to day things, take care of my family but I cry everyday some days all day but some days are starting to get easier.  Please give yourself time and allow yourself to grieve.  Be kind to yourself!  I am here if you need to talk.  Pets are the best, dogs are so amazing and Cockapoos are the cutest dogs ever.  
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