Fourteen years ago I buried my baby girl, Maggie May, after she was born too soon. I knew my life would never be the same. The pain I felt was not even describable.   A month after I lost her, my then Husband came in the door with a kitten whose eyes weren't even opened yet. I was angry. I just knew there was no way that a kitten that young would not survive without his mother but the kitten was abandoned. Soon, my heart began to soften and I gathered everything I would could think of to take care of him....bottles, formula, warm packs, a kitty tent. Amazingly, he lived and very soon as he grew and I became attached, he became a ray of sunshine and actually played a big part in my recovery and helped me see the beauty in life again. Obviously, Im not comparing the death my child with the death of my pet, but his presence saved me, literally, until today. He got gravely ill recently and Little Kitty died today. I feel like I've lost Maggie all over again and Little Kitty too. The emptiness and pain is so overwhelming that I cant remember how to even breathe properly.


“…Love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.” – Kabil Gibran

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I'm so very sorry for your pain.  My puppy died two weeks ago and I'm not doing well.  She is my life.  The best part of me is gone. I can't compare it to the loss of a child and don't want anyone to feel I'm being disrespectful but my puppy was my child and I think I know how you feel.

I am lost too.  I know it's hard to realize that there are other out there that are going through the same pain, the same complete loss... But we are.  Sometimes I just break down for no reason, sometimes I just feel sick all day, sometimes I feel I'm getting better only to realize I'm fooling myself.

Just remember that the love you had for your kitty, he probably felt the same ten fold.  He will always be with you.

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I am so sorry to hear of your loss. It would be hard enough after 14 years and witth the association it brings about Maggie May is immense. You have suffered two enormous bereavements and my heart goes out to you.
Love you forever and ever and I will be there for you xx
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Bless you for rescuing a kitten all those years ago when your heart was aching so!
I volunteer at our local SPCA cat shelter and I see far too many abused, abandoned and neglected cats and kittens. I know the lives they lead. It is not the life that Little Kitty had with you filled with love and kindness with a full belly and a comfortable place to sleep. You came together at a time when you needed each other. Little Kitty thanks you every day of his life with you.
I am so sorry for your losses. Our family knows about losing a child and there is no doubt it changes you forever.

You already know that this grieving and mourning process is inot easy as I am sure you have also learned that it changes shape over time.
Sending you healing thoughts today to ease your aching heart.
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