Hello again lovely people that have eased my pain before, its taken me since 25th June to even be able to think about the loss of my beautiful old girl Sheba.

Sheba was a red Staffie, 13 years old and we had to make the heartbreaking decision to let her go on 25th June.

She had been through it all in her lifetime, being hit by a car after she saw my daughter over the road and made a dash for her, when she was 9 and coming out in better condition than the front of the Peugeot (she got up and ran down the path wagging her tail, while the front bumper sat on the floor). Recovering from the deadly Pyometra and having numerous lumps and bumps over the years.... I'm pretty sure that we would have lost her 18 months earlier if we hadn't found her little playmate Shadow (Staffie/Black Lab X) as she gave her a new lease of life. Shadow   is stepping into Shebas difficult to fill paw prints very well.

She was the staffie that broke the mould for me there will never be another like her. Ive attached some photos of her so you can all see how lovely she was. Im not posting for sympathy because we know she had done her job, protected the kids and us from all and sundry, she knew she had done us proud and it was simply her time to cross the bridge (although the snivelling snot covered mess of a human i was in June didnt feel this way) She was ready to go and I have made my peace with it. She has been cremated and has pride of place on our mantlepiece alongside her photo. Her personal christmas bauble will hang alongside James christmas star on our tree this year. The 1st christmas without you shuffling around under the dinner table will be sad. 

So Sheba, Sheebs, Princess Sheba, hairy pig or Snuffy (the names that the children called you over the years) I hope you are running free and enjoying yourself over the bridge, I hope you have met up with all of the friends you outlived and have been reunited with your best friend James the cat. You were the greatest dog I will ever know and I will never stop missing you. Until we meet again, my girl, I love you xxshebashadow.jpg

sheba1.jpg  sheba2.jpg
R.I.P James 15-11-13 (aged 2)
R.I.P Sheba 25-06-15 (aged 13)
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How strange. I met a red Staffie today and I have never seen one as red as that before. A sweet girl who was so very friendly with me -a stranger.

Your Sheba had been through so many things. It is said you can't go "until your number is called"....I know having survived a terrible road accident which should have killed me age 38 -ages ago now. And many other things.
You obviously gave Sheba the BEST or she would not have survived those things which happened to her.

I am also so sorry James passed only 2013, and at such a young Sheba. Maybe they are now together, and waiting for you.

Aww! Sheba is so beautiful. She is a lovely girl, and believe me, her Spirit lives on and still loves you.

The first Christmas is a difficult one without them. I remember sitting in a gentle cuddle with my girl on our last Christmas -just the two of us about the winter solstice.....listening to carols on the radio. I wanted that moment to last forever. That was our last Christmas together. If I re-capture that in my heart and mind and send her my love, I can feel her loving energy. That is what I want for Christmas this year.

Blessings to you and Sheba.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

Misty's Blog..a Dogfight with Cancer

Misty's life after death:
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    Your girl Sheba is a real beauty. I am sorry that you recently lost her. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. I decided to get comfortable with that idea when I lost my Labmix named Coco almost a year ago. You pay her a great tribute with your wonderful words of what she meant to you.
     This girl clearly has a very special place in your heart. You say she broke the mold and I can understand how a canine with such a loving manner and unique characteristics would do just that. You were blessed to have her and she was also blessed and fortunate to have you. Such a loving connection never dies.
     Sheba is surely with your beloved James now and they will be content together until the day arrives for you all to be reunited........Please take care and Thanks for sharing Sheba with us............Sincerely, Andrea.
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Thankyou both for replying to me, I must say that the 1st few months, even though we knew it was inevitable for her to be leaving us soon, were very difficult indeed.
Thankfully we had Shadow to steady the ship so to speak. She has many mannerisms that Sheba had, probably due to her being with Sheba from 8 weeks old. The whole family still touch Shebas little casket and say goodnight to her as we did when she was with us. I know Sheba will be with James, they were the best of friends and I know they will both be waiting for me when the time comes. 
Best friends :)
Shebas 13th Birthday
Christmas bauble

R.I.P James 15-11-13 (aged 2)
R.I.P Sheba 25-06-15 (aged 13)
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I'm so very sorry for the loss of your Sheba and your sweet James. What a lovely pair they make! 
They will surely be waiting for you and it  will be as if it was just an instant ago when you parted
Love and the bond you shared is eternal, it cannot be broken by the loss of ones physical form

I've come to believe this with all my heart and being since losing  my boy, the love of my life ,just over 13 months ago

Wishing you peace and healing

Bee- "Good night sweet prince & flights of angels see thee to thy rest"
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I am so sorry for your loss. I think Sheba was very blessed to have you and your family as her own. I hope your memories of her give you peace and that one day you two will be together again.

Warm regards,

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I'm very sorry for your loss. Sheba is beautiful and seems a very loving dog. The pictures you posted of her are lovely and show how much you loved her.

Losing such dear friends is one of the hardest things life throws a us. I wish you lots of strength, courage and peace.

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Thank you all for your kind words, she really was a lovely girl. We could always hear her patrolling the house in the early hours, making sure everyone was tucked up and sleeping.

This forum is so wonderful, a place people can come and share their fur babies with others of a similar mindset. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your kindness. May this forum bring you all to be at peace with the loss of your family members as it does me.

James, Sheba & Shadows Dad :)
R.I.P James 15-11-13 (aged 2)
R.I.P Sheba 25-06-15 (aged 13)
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