We had to let our baby go yesterday he was in so much pain from a tumor in his head and other health issues and was told he was to old to make it through surgery this was and has been by far the hardest decision I have ever had to make ..And even though I knew this was the right thing to do so he wouldn't be in so much pain anymore my heart is broken into pieces knowing I have to go on without him ..He was my baby and he was always right by my side.. I never knew my heart could hurt so bad
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Annette ((((hugs)))) so sorry to hear about ur baby... cancer is so evil I understand ur pain. We want to do all we can and when we learn ther is nothing we can do we feel helpless and its an awful feeling. My Wiley was 15 and my best friend. The day I made that decision I died along with him and have not been the same since. Im so sorry u are hurting but please know u are not alone... u have come here with so many people who understand the pain and sadness u feel xoxo
please find comfort in knowing u will see ur baby again one day and u will never be apart again. Until that day, know God is taking care of them and they are watching over u always...
May I ask what animal ur baby is, cat dog bunny bird... and what is ther name?
If u are able, share more about what they were like it might ease ur pain and help u remember happy times. Grieving takes a long time so be kind to urself and know u made this decision because u loved them and they know that and love u more than u can fathom.

Praying and sending much love,
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