I lost my Golden Retriever this week. She was 10 years old. I am so so sad. I am having a hard time with my daily routines and my mind is preoccupied with thoughts of her. I haven't slept well for several nights. I miss her so so much.
Charisa Chalfa
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I am so very sorry for the loss of your precious baby girl.

Grief is awful and there is nothing else like this pain.

I am divorced - when I was married I buried my son- at that time I became a Certified Grief Counselor- I used the same graveside service for my Bear as I did for my son.

Love is Love and Grief is Grief- there is no difference.

Please know that when we lose someone we love we don't stop loving them -

The soul bound connection that is between our babies and ourselves is forever.

Nothing - not death- tears -grief - or sadness will ever break the ties between us for those ties are made of LOVE so strong that NOTHING will ever sever those connections.

Grief is not something we get over but something that we learn -slowly- over time- to incorporate into our lives until it becomes a part of us like our bones and our breath.
My Bear is a Black Lab and I had absolutely no idea how to live without him.
I kept the TV on 24/7 just for noise. I couldn't sleep or eat either.
We all understand here.

Please come back and post some pictures so we can get to know her through you.

If you read the beginning of any one of our threads from the first page you will see yourself.

Please know that we all understand here and we are all here for you.

You Are In My Thoughts.


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I feel your pain.  I lost my beloved Bailey on Saturday, he was twelve years old.  I am going through exactly the same emotions as you are.  The house feels so empty.  I have pictures of him and have been lighting a candle each night since we said goodbye.  I also started writing a journal with my thoughts about him each day and what I had been doing. It has helped me a little but doesn't take away the pain.  I accepted he was getting old but we only found out how sick he was on the Monday.  On Saturday we had to say goodbye. 

This website and the people here have been amazing.  They understand how we are feeling and I find it comforting reading their messages.  Please come back, you are not alone

You are in my thoughts too
Diana x
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Thank you, I appreciate your words. It does help knowing other people truly understand. I guess it will take time for me, to not be so sad. I will never forget her.
Charisa Chalfa
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Charles Beasley
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Heartsick, I did go back and read you original thread and I’m so sorry. I am going to make a short response to bring it back because you give insights and much validation for this form of grief. It’s what I’ve alwys felt/known, the loss of a child is the grief we feel😔 the differences are none

Issamay2013, I’m so sorry, I know your pain is overwhelming. You’ve found your place amoung many experiencing this consuming pain at the loss of our beloved babies. We understand how impossible every waking moment feels, how it just feels unreal. How you pray it is. And the moment your eyes open if you even sleep, to the brutal reality of a life you can’t bear to face alone, all over again. We are here for you with hugs of comfort and endless tissues,,,,,
Lynn, Tankie’s mom, forever
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