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Bellamum wrote:
Hi Becky,
I Love the photos of Godiva...she is beautiful.  What a happy, smiling face...it is easy to see why you fell head over heals in love with her.

I posted my reply to your message on my Bella's thread, but decided to post it here also to make sure that you see it.

I think the quote sums it up perfectly.  Godiva and Bella will be with us always...maybe not the way we want them to be, but they will never leave our hearts and our minds.  They have made such a difference in our lives that they can never be forgotten.  We were so lucky to be the ones chosen to be their family...they are ours forever!
Peace and healing to you.

Hi Karen,

Thank you for posting here as I didn't see the post over at Bella's thread.  You're right, our babies are forever in our hearts.

I hope you are having a peaceful day.

Much love,
~ Becky
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Hi Becky,

Thank you fro visiting Bella's thread yesterday, it is so greatly appreciated, your words of comfort help during this time...so much.

I smiled when you mentioned you used Godiva as a heating blanket as well, they sure helped keep that bed warm didn't they, I can see Godiva heating the whole bed. Bella being only 3 lbs, it was so surprising how much heat that little girl gave off and then she would snore so loudly and if that wasn't bad enough, this little girl would push me to the edge.....but I loved every second of it, made me laugh, even in the middle of the night she made me laugh.

I hope your heart is healing, it takes time Becky, so don't rush or push yourself. I know Godiva is watching over you and sending you all her love.

Thank you Becky for being here, your words and help are so greatly appreciated, sending positive healing thoughts your way.

In Friendship, Don
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hello becky I have been thinking.about u and wondering how u are doing.
Hope u are ok God bless you

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