My loss on 9/25/17 was the worse lose of my 18 years. She came into my life in 2007 by complete accident and we bonded so quickly it was like I knew an 8 week old puppy all my life. I went thru two divorces, losing a career I dearly loved, a motorcycle accident that nearly took my life, and the end of my career were I had to retire 20 years before I wanted to. The last three years of her life I was with her 24/7. She was my everything and now she is gone. 

This animal brought me out of depression, changed my ways I see animals, softened a hard heart and forced me to reexamine if I will get another dog. Up until the last year, I said no way, the pain is to great. But my lovely sammi jo taught me that no matter how much pain I feel, I had 11.5 years of the most unconditional love and loyalty one could ever ask from any creature. I promised her a great life and i did everything in my power to ensure she had a good life. 

My question to God is, why did I get such a small amount of time with this wonderful gift you gave me? I will ask this question until my death, but I can only dream of what that answer is.

We spend a live time trying to better our life, become better people, help those in need, and love those who touch our heart. No matter what your age, you willl always see what you can do to better yourself, love better, have a kinder heart, and find a  purpose for your life. Love and kindness are the two most powerful things on earth.

I believe a dog can accomplish in a few years what we spend a lifetime to achieve and at the sunset of our lives, we are still out done by our dogs. They have kindness beyond any others, loyalty that we cannot even comprehend, and unconditional love that changed our live forever. They fulfill their purpose a lot faster than we do, do God calls them up. 

Everyone think about your loss, but in a different way. Think about how much you are different because your pet came into your life? What did you learn from this pet? How will your life be different from this day forward because of your pet.
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Your relationship with your dog sounds so much like my bond I had with my sweet black cat Raven whom I had to have put down just before Easter due to kidney failure and a tumor on her liver. I'm still ripped apart by it after almost 6 months. She got me through so much, and I still can't believe she's gone. She taught me to be a better person, made me laugh when I didn't want to, smile when I didn't feel like smiling, to never give up on love. You're so right. Our animals change us, and by honoring the lessons they've given us in love and life, we keep their wonderful spirits alive
I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet friend. I don't know why we get such a short time with them. It's hardly fair. But i try to keep Raven's spirit alive by being for others what she was to me-loving, kind, reliable. It's the least I can do for her. People could learn a lot from animals, if only they'd listen.
Blessings 🐱🐌🐊
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I like the way you wrote your beloved pet softened a hardened heart- that is so so true. I never had pets growing up. I am lucky to have had this type of relationship with Andy. A lot of people don't have that. My best friend is not a pet person, but her daughter just got a dog. And she said to me, you know I do understand because sometimes when I am upset, I just hug the dog and it does make me feel better.  She always said "get these dogs away from me" and would never even greet my dogs. I mean she was very cold toward dogs.
She is trying to understand  my grief and she wants me to get another little cuddly thing. It's like her hardened heart is starting to soften from her daughter's dog! She always really HATED everyone's dogs. It is really funny how when I am thinking of adopting this dog she was the first one I called! She is encouraging me because she hopes a new dog will help me. We went on a short vacation together, after Andy died, and she saw I sleep with a stuffed animal- i need to since he is gone.. lol. I do have this new side of myself, that I need a little critter to love! My life was so good for the ten years that I had my little buddy next to me 24 hours a day. I knew he would not always be with me and I would think about it and think how much do I love lying here with you, how great this is and how lucky I am. Someday you will be gone and I want to say I've appreciated every second, and I did. I just wish it didn't have to end so suddenly and so badly. I wish he had a few more years. Everyone says get a rescue but some of these rescues dogs are poorly bred and have terrible health problems. Andy had a quite a bit of health problems. It ultimately led to his demise. He did help me to have a kinder heart. Even my parents who are not pet people at all and were against me getting a dog, did finally admit that they thought it was wonderful we had these 2 dogs for the kids, as they were such a good addition to our home. These dogs also melted my parents' hardened hearts! They were always the only family on the block without a dog and my dad used to say "everybody's gotta have a mutt" which always made me laugh..yup everybody's gotta have a mutt! Because they make you a better person!
Thanks for a thought provoking post.

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I agree. Raven turned me into a different person. Now whenever I get annoyed with someone or something I tell myself, you wouldn't get mad at Raven, she wouldn't get mad at you, or, if someone said that about Raven you'd be upset so don't say it about someone else! She may not be on this mortal plain anymore but that cat is still my moral compass. For that I can never thank her enough. She might have been a spoiled brat at times but the lessons she taught me are invaluable 🐱
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this goes back to the saying I hope I can be the person my dog thinks I am and if we do truly become that person it is a blessing for society as we would all be loving , caring, compassionate ,loyal ,honest ,empathetic ,understanding souls just basically as good as the animals we all love so dearly that changed our lives ,as I know with my boy littleguy and my others they can truly come in and open up a hardened heart or  fix a broken soul  that you think is unrepairable but with everything that they give to us how can you not be changed with there love and understanding and like you I have and will always ask those same questions above as why was such a short time given to such a wonderful soul that just made the world a better place , I'm just so sorry for your loss of your baby but I thank you for writing the above post as it really is just worded beautifully as to how many of us think and feel about our babies .

littleguys mom     
pamela meadows
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